The #topbeat RoundUp 14/11/16

We begin with a #topbeat that’s all kinds of smooth, with SuperstarO’s “Lies“. You all know the man, I’m sure I don’t need to explain how high quality his beats are. Just listen and enjoy..

There’s something intriguing about this next #topbeat from Banger. “In and Out” is about as relaxed a beat as you can get, yet it still has an element of darkness to it, as though something’s lurking in the background menacingly. Great mix of feelings

Now if you ever wanted to drift away and leave your thought’s behind, “Away” by Nate Rhoads is the instrumental to do it to. The quickest way to take a vacation is to stick this on, close your eyes and see where your mind takes you – I guarantee it’ll be somewhere peaceful

Sometimes you just gotta let those emotions out, and RellyMade’s “Bad Dreams” is the way to go about that. Even the tough guys out there won’t help but start thinking about ‘that one that got away’ when you listen to this

And we end with Scott Supreme’s dark, interesting “Philosophy“. A great example of ‘less is more’ the few individual parts combine to create an atmospheric instrumental that just shows why this producer is constantly in our top 100

The featured spot on Soundcloud is shared by SuperstarO and RellyMade this week

RellyMade also made it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist, accompanied by Banger, who also made it onto the Youtube Most Popular playlist, this time with SuperstarO

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By Ellis | November 14th, 2016 | The #topbeat RoundUp 14/11/16