The first beat of the RoundUp comes from Mubz Beats, and was one of the top 100 selling beats on myFlashStore last week – “Flexin“. To put that into perspective, there’s over 400,000 beats on myFlashStore, so yeah, I think Mubz did a good job with this one!

#topbeat number 2 of the RoundUp is #topbeat number 2 for Majestic Drama. “Watch Yourself” feat Denzel comes fully loaded with a hook and is about as menacing as they come. If you’re after an evil sounding beat, look no further

Time for some Trap now, with Blue Mist Beats and “Nightfall“. This instrumental brings suspense, epicness (not a word, I’m sure) and melody together to make one great #topbeat!

Now lets bring it down a touch with this smooth r&b beat from PittThaKid – “Changed“. Another producer with his 2nd #topbeat in the RoundUp, this instrumental simply oozes class and elegance. Check it out

Carrying on the chilled vibe, we finish with a hidden gem in the marketplace – “BackTrack” by FcOnTheBeat. This was discovered in the ‘Recent Uploads’ and was actually hard choice to make, because all his beats are such high quality!

The featured spot on Soundcloud is shared by FcOnTheBeat & Majestic Drama

Mubz Beats & PittThaKid make it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist this week, whilst it’s Mubz Beats again, accompanied by Majestic drama, making it onto the Youtube Most Popular playlist

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