Let’s kick things off with Mister KA Beats’ “Trojan Horse“. The second time we’ve featured Mister KA Beats, and I doubt it’ll be the last. Stick this on in the morning and see how pumped you (and your neighbours) are for the day ahead

Next up is the super peaceful “Bathwater” from Beats By Key. This instrumental is sure to calm even the most aggravated of souls, so if you’re feeling the burn of a long day, stick this on and let your body melt into the seat as you enter ultimate relaxation

Ayoo Meco is currently holding a spot in 2 of our 3 charts, as both top newcomer and top 100 producer. It’s fair to say that a #topbeat is well deserved, and “Od” won’t let you down. It’s as good as you’d hope it to be, if not better

The super smooth “Ecstatic“, by Sherron Foster, was found in the Recent Uploads – and what a find it was. If Sherron keeps pumping out beats like this, who knows, next time we could be choosing one of his beats from the charts!

And we end the RoundUp as we did the week, with BeatsbyKP’s “Ritual“. This is one of those beats you can have down low and just enjoy the great composition, or turn way up and get hyped to. I recommend doing both. For real

Mister KA Beats, Beats By Key & BeatsbyKP all made it onto the Youtube Most Popular playlist this week

BeatsbyKP also enters the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist for the week, accompanied by Ayoo Meco

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