We begin the RoundUp with an instrumental that’s packed full of emotion – WindyGotHits’ “Never Again“. At the time of choosing the beat, Windy was in 2 out the 3 charts in the Marketplace, so it’s safe to say this #topbeat is more than well deserved. Check it out

Next up is Nagra Beats’ spacey “Probe“. If you close your eyes and clear your mind, you can actually picture yourself floating through space with this beat on. Some producers just have that skill to take you places with their beats, and Nagra is one of them

With all the interesting sounds coming out of this #topbeat, Chris ØG has definitely given it the correct name – “Abstract“. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and grab something a little different, this is the beat for you

The Recent Uploads section of the marketplace is proving to be a goldmine for #topbeats, as David Metropolis brings us the dark “Apollo“. If you got some evil thoughts going on in your head, this is the beat to release those demons to. So grab a pen and let loose..

Lets end on a banger shall we? UnusualBeatz has got us covered, with “No More War“. This was one of those beats that was an instant choice for a #topbeat. Heat like this needs to be heard, so I will say no more, except – turn it up!

Featured spot on Soundcloud is shared by UnusualBeatz and David Metropolis this week

DavidMetropolis also made it onto the Youtube Most Popular playlist, with WindyGotHits & Nagra Beats

And Nagra Joins Chris ØG on the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist

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