We start with what’s probably the hardest hitting #topbeat of the RoundUp – “Rider” by VibeChief. Vibe Chief has been in the Top Newcomer’s chart for a while now, and this slightly different take on Trap proves he’s got the skills stay in the charts for a long time

The first of two beats from the Recent Uploads – it’s Brainiac Beats aka El Cerebro with “Karma“. It’s because of great beats like this that the Recent Uploads is becoming a regular source for the #topbeat. Bravo, Brainiac Beats

Long time top selling producer Platinum Sellers Beats brings the next #topbeat – “Nah Nah“. This instrumental has been in the top 100 selling beats for some time. and it’s also one of our most played this week. People just cannot get enough of this beat!

Time to grab a drink, find a spot in the sun and reach maximum chill with MXS Beats’ “Miami“. This is the type of beat you can listen over and over again and it will wash away the day’s stresses until they are no more. Basically it’s very relaxing, is what I’m trying to say

We end the RoundUp with Blue Nova’s “100K“. This ominous beat is the second of the RoundUp from our Recent Uploads and the second #topbeat from Blue Nova. And at this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a third one in the future..

VibeChief and MXS Beats share the featured spot on Soundcloud for the week

Only Platinum Sellers Beats made it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular  playlist this week.

Platinum Sellers Beats also made it onto the Youtube Most Popular playlist, this time accompanied by VibeChief and MXS Beats

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