The #topbeat RoundUp 19/12/16

Let’s begin with one of the top 100 selling beats last week – “The Interlude” by Skeyez. Every now and again a #topbeat comes through that’s just nice to listen to. You can hear it over and over again and the 10th time will be just as enjoyable as the 1st

Prod. By Mi$tro is new to myFlashStore and introduces himself to the community with a #topbeat – “Jezebel“. This is an emotional one, so if you’re wanting to let loose, stick this on, get out a pen and paper, and open the gates

Next up is the futuristic “Nexus” by HajiGTS. It’s as if HajiGTS sent a microphone up into space to record some of the sounds we’re hearing in this one. (A slight exaggeration, but you get the jist). Very interesting sounds and a great instrumental!

I remember Snack Beats’ first #topbeat, as a newcomer to the site. He’s now firmly planted himself in the top 100 and with instrumentals like “This Side” I think it’s safe to say that he has no intention of leaving the higher echelon

Now for another emotional instrumental, this time from Makaih Beats, as we end with “Oui” w/hook by Belle. Now 3 #topbeats strong, you can always count on Makaih Beats to bring that professional quality, and once again he doesn’t disappoint with this one

Three producers share the featured spot on Soundcloud this week, as Makaih Beats, HajiGTS and Prod By Mi$tro all bathe in the spotlight

Prod. By Mi$tro also makes it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist, with Snack Beats. Snack Beats also enters the Youtube Most Popular playlist, this time accompanied by Skeyez and HajiGTS

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By Ellis | December 19th, 2016 | The #topbeat RoundUp 19/12/16