We’re beginning the RoundUp on a super positive vibe from KDaGreat and “Hope“. This instrumental will blast pure happiness into your ears, so turn it up, press play, and smile!

JS Sounds’ “Windows Down” w/Hook was a special shout out to all those riding solo on Valentines Day. Not that this needs a special day to be recognised as a good beat. If you’re recently single, this’ll inspire you get on your business and hold down that single life!

Now for something epic, with B.O Beatz’ “Jujitzu“. B.O Beatz has staked a long term claim in the top 100 producer’s charts, and this goes to show why he remains there. It’s atmospheric, it’s well crafted, and well deserving of a #topbeat

Next up is the eerie sounding “Cry For Me” by Murky Water Beats. If you happen to be at an abandoned theme park that looks like a scene from a horror movie, and need a backing track, then look no further ?

Now to raise the mood and the temperature, with BeatsbySV and “Dynamite“. When this kicks in you’ll find the urge to jump up and dance all to hard to resist – and I recommend you go for it. It’s the least this beat deserves!

B.O Beatz is the only producer to make it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist this week. He also enters the Youtube Most Popular playlist, this time accompanied by JS Sounds and Murky Water Beats

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