The #topbeat RoundUp 21/11/16

Let’s get this party started with Penacho and his second #topbeatLegacy“. Penacho has been staking his claim for the king of the charts for some time now, with 8 beats currently in the top 100, it would look strange to see the charts without Penacho’s name in it!

Time for something (dare I use the word) pretty, from Cronic Beats – “Got Bars“. Those chords just get nicer and nicer the more you hear them – complimented by perfectly written drums and melody and you’ve got yourself one fine instrumental

I think Handyykapz maybe had some anger to work through when he made “Fuck You“? The first dubstep instrumental we’ve featured, and one of the hardest beats we’ve had come through here – turn it up and prepare your ears for a battering

And now for another beat that stands out for it’s individuality – it’s “Caught Lacking” by Foreign Made It. Each individual part of this instrumental is first-rate, either for the uniqueness of the sound, or the skill of the composition. And together they make.. well, listen and you’ll see

Like a dog baring it’s teeth to warn of an impending attack, GoldenGramz’ “Moon Rocks” growls at you from start to finish. Unlike an angry dog, this rewards you with undeniably good instrumental, and not a bite mark

The featured spot on Soundcloud is held by Handyykapz and GoldenGramz this week

And congrats to Penacho & Cronic Beats who made it onto both the Youtube Most Popular & Soundcloud Most Popular playlists

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By Ellis | November 21st, 2016 | The #topbeat RoundUp 21/11/16