We begin with one of our oldest members and a super chilled beat. It’s “My Story” by Fivestar Beats. This is a masterclass in how to keep it simple and still create something great. Less is definitely more here

DJYoungKash is fairly new to myFlashStore, but has skipped the bottom rung of the ladder, as well as the middle and gone straight to the top of the charts with beats like “Guapanese“. Definitely a producer worth checking out

When a producer is in both the top newcomer and the top selling producer charts, you know their beats will be high… ‘Caliber’ and “Going Up” from CaliberBeats is no exception (see what I did there?). It’s even got a little old school flavour for good measure

Like something out of a James Bond flick, “Chain Smoke” by YUNG NAB is as classy as it is smooth. You get the feeling that this beat doesn’t need to try hard to be good.. it just is

And we end with this uplifting instrumental from Determinate Inc – “Deeper Love“. You can almost picture this being played during a movie during a real uplifting or emotional moment. And for an instrumental to inspire those images – that’s not half bad eh?

This week YUNG NAB holds down the featured spot on Soundcloud

Only CaliberBeats made it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist this week, whilst Fivestar Beats & YUNG NAB enter the YoutubeMost Popular list


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