We’re starting the RoundUp with something with a little uniqueness, and a lot of funk – it’s Blak Floid’s “Stompo Ya“. With nothing but positive make-you-want-to-dance vibes, this beat is sure to put a smile on your face and a skip in your step!

Next is Ryan Sage’s “Time Of Your Life“. Fair warning before you listen to this – it have you missing those summer days that we haven’t seen for a while, and likely have you dreaming about your next holiday on a sunny beach, so be prepared for that happy/sad mix of feelings

Trooh Hippi is showing us what “Greatness” is with this #topbeat – the second from this producer. Showing what the UK Grime scene is all about, we couldn’t have found a better instrumental to put in the spotlight and showcase UK music

Now we’re setting those emotions free with “Hurt” by Frenzy Frenchy. This perfectly crafted instrumental does well to evoke feelings of both nostalgia and sadness, so if you’ve got some sad memories locked away, they may surface when listening to this

Alas, we’ve reached the end. So we’re ending on a high with Vybe’s “DreamChasin’“. Another producer with his 2nd #topbeat, Vybe is a name you will surely see here time and time again. Just listen to his beat(s) if you don’t believe me

No one from this week made it into the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist, however, Trooh Hippi, Blak FLoid & Ryan Sage all made it onto the Youtube Most Popular playlist!

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