We begin with top 100 producer Triple A Beats and the smooth trap beat “Roses“. Taking the first Featured spot on Soundcloud, this was the most played beat on our channel – so check it out and see why it’s so popular

Another producer in the top 100 this week is Joey Cutless, and he comes with the #topbeatJolly’s Ghost“. With the harder, more aggressive take on Trap, Joey shows us there’s always more than one way to do something, and this way surely ain’t wrong

Bagging the second Featured Spot on Soundcloud, it’s Zero Fux World with the stylish “Clean“. This has to be one of the coolest sounding beats to come through the Roundup for a while, and listening to the catalogue, I’m sure this won’t be the last from Zero Fux World

JustChillBeat got us all chillin with his second #topbeatRambo“. It’s high quality instrumentals like this that keep JustChill in the top 100, with no exit in sight. Check it out for yourself and appreciate the skill that goes into making of this quality 

Keeping the chilled vibe going, Ghost Beats brings us an emotional one, with “Dark Days“. This one’s sure to stir up some feelings in you – whether it’s feelings of an old love, lost some time ago, or a new love, for this great instrumental

Triple A Beats is the only producer to enter the Youtube Most Popular playlist from this week

Triple A Beats also makes it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist, accompanied by Zero Fux World

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