The #topbeat RoundUp 28/11/16

We kick it all off with some good-timey, summer-holiday-y vibes from Kontrabandz and the instrumental “Closer“. Fair warning – this may make you want to drop everything and jump on a plane somewhere hot where you can party. And with this playing in your headphones, why not?

Now with a complete flip on the mood, it’s Scott Styles’ “Reincarnate“, which sounds like it’s all in reverse, giving it a real trippy sound to it. Scott Styles has already proven his talent, and pretty much lives in the top 100, but just in case you’re not aware of his skills, have a listen..

Next up is a piece of musical gold plucked from the recent uploads on the Marketplace. It’s I Am Music Productions with “MoneyBags“. When you have an ability to bring together different elements & sounds, this is the kind of quality you get. Check it out for yourself..

Our penultimate producer JMelodiez Beatz brings the heat with “Its Mine“. You can tell this beat will hit you hard before it kicks in.. and when it does, it does not dissappoint. A new name on myFlashStore, I won’t be surprised to see this in the charts in future times

Aaand we end with Valley’s “Dream Catchers“. I love the busy drums in this one, plenty going on to occupy your ears. Couple that with some sweet keys and bass, and you have yourself one fine #topbeat, picked from a few close contenders in this producer’s catalogue!

The Featured spot on Soundcloud is held down by Jmelodiez and I Am Music Productions this week

Scott Styles and I Am Music Productions make it into the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist. And both enter the Youtube Most Popular playlist as well, accompanied by Kontrabandz

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By Ellis | November 28th, 2016 | The #topbeat RoundUp 28/11/16