We begin with Clark Make Hits and his first #topbeatFor My City“. Clark has risen to a nice 54th spot in the top 100 producers, and if he keeps on realising heat like this, i’m sure he will only rise higher. Check it out

The Ops are bringing Pop to the table, with “Under The Bridge” w/Hook by Freysh Prince. This instrumental is uplifting with an air of sadness to it, which is perfectly complimented by the hook. I’m there’s lots of you out there that can relate to this one!

Nick Michetti’s got us on a super chilled vibe with his beat “Demons“. This is the type of instrumental to wash away the stress of a long day, so if you’re having one of those, you know what to do… (press play)

Now we’re treated to twice the skills, as Twanbeatmaker and Akhordz combined to create the hypnotic “Plays“. You can easily get lost in this beat, as something about it is so entrancing, you won’t even notice you’ve had it on repeat for an hour

Next is an instrumental that continues to get better and better as you keep listening. Love the individuality of this beat, love the sinister-but-not-too-sinister feel of it. All round great beat that is a must-hear. It’s BlackDiamondMusic’s “Jinxed

Only Clark Make Hits makes it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist, whilst Nick Michetti & The Ops both enter the Youtube Most Popular.

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