Top Newcomer Soulful P shows us where he gets his name from with his #topbeat “The Takeova“. Nice groove, nice sample, nice production. This a (wait for it…..) nice #topbeat

Lookin For Us” by JokerCrazyBeatz was found by chance in the recent uploads. And what a good find it was. We might start scouring the recent uploads more often if this is the quality that can be found..

Next up we have Top Newcomer Phil Glover with his first #topbeat – “Pitfalls“. With an interesting mix of sounds, this doesn’t sound like your average Rap instrumental, and that’s a good thing!

Now it’s time for something a little bit playful – “First Step” by FreshBoyz of THAIBEATS. As playful and cheeky as it sounds, it doesn’t lose any of it’s quality, and still an instrumental that’s more than worthy of #topbeat status

Paul Cabbin’s “The Illest” truly lives up to it’s name. He owns a quarter of the top 100 beats, so it’s fitting that we end the RoundUp with his #topbeat. The choice of which beat was a hard one, as anyone who knows Paul Cabbin’s work know’s the quality on offer, but I think we did him justice with this choice


And with that beat, Paul Cabbin owns the Featured Spot on Soundcloud for this week

He also makes it onto the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist, accompanied by Phil Glover

And it’s Phil Glover again who makes it onto the Youtube Most Popular playlist!

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