The #topbeat RoundUp 31/10/16

We begin with some real good-time vibes and a touch of country rap from DYAD Sound & “Richest“. It’s refreshing to hear a beat like this – a mixture of Rap, Pop & Country – not conforming to traditional sounds, and not afraid to stand out from the crowd

If you want Hip Hop then you want “Back To NY” by Tay Svpreme. With an old school feel to it and lead melody that wouldn’t be out of place in an emotional scene from a film, this is one well put together instrumental

Fugitive Beatz has created a super catchy instrumental here, with “Dolla Signs“, and I reckon you’ll be singing this one for the rest of the day. Like those annoying songs that get stuck in your head, but this isn’t annoying.. because it’s awesome

Next up is the soulful, funky “Vintage” from Afrokeys. This #topbeat lives up to it’s name, having been clearly influenced by a decade long since forgotten about, and is sure to make you wanna get up and dance. Another unique #topbeat from another great produer

Seeing in the halloween weekend we had Ric & Thadeus’ eerie “Transylvania“. These guys need no introduction, if you don’t know them, I don’t know where your head has been stuck, but under a rock just doesn’t cover it. Have a listen..

The featured spot on Soundcloud is shared by Fugitive Beatz & Afrokeys

Fugitive Beatz, Tay Svpreme, and Ric & Thadeus all make it onto the Youtube Most Popular playlist. Whilst Afrokeys and Tay Svpreme join the Soundcloud Most Popular playlist for this week

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By Ellis | November 1st, 2016 | The #topbeat RoundUp 31/10/16