Grammy-award winning producer, songwriter & pioneer Troy Taylor has worked with Boyz 2 Men, Trey Songz, Ronald Isley, Aretha Franklin, Jacquees, Lil Duval + more. Today he joins us in the Free Game Podcast, episode 121

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Topics Discussed:

  • Troy’s upbringing and early musical influences
  • Signing ‘the worst deal ever’
  • How he came to meet and work with Motown exec Timmy Regesford
  • Getting bought out of his horrible deal so he could sign with Motown
  • How he met and worked with Boyz 2 Men at the beginning of their career
  • Realizing he wanted to stay behind the scenes and not be an artist
  • How relationships are more important than money
  • Trey Songz was the only artist to listen to everything Troy told him
  • What he learned from working with Aretha Franklin
  • How church music help produce people like Aretha Franklin, and why music is different in the modern era
  • Troy’s work on “Nasty” by Lil Duval x Jacquees x Tank

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