Scott Styles: We was at the first Drake show in London and this is when we wasn’t even aware that Whippin Excursion was part of the set, we just went there as fans just let’s see, like Drake’s in London, let’s get tickets, so the first London show we went to. It just went off, it was crazy.

Sean Murdz: We started creating music in our bedrooms and it’s got to, it’s gone worldwide. Before it was so hard, you’d have to go through a label and get so much rejection and now it’s like oh, it’s almost at your feet – it’s almost on a plate. These sort of platforms, Airbit, making a difference for us. They help.

Scott Styles: Online beat selling for me is the reason why I’m here, it’s the reason why I’ve got a studio, it’s the reason why I’m not working a normal job.

Sean Murdz: I was making tunes for so long and it’s speekin to my friend’s. Yeah, drop on that, yeah spit on that, spit a lyric on that. Now it’s all like, OK. We can actually work with artist who actually take it serious in this life. I can take it serious now because of that.

Scott Supreme: We need to live.

Sean Murdz: Yeah

Scott Supreme: We need money

Sean Murdz: Yeah, yeah. Of course, of course.

Scott Supreme: We can’t afford to not, not live

Scott Styles: Get, by

Scott Supreme: Most of the time, you’re gonna go a couple years, have I ever seen a cheque from your placement, you might even, you might never get a check from them, but you’ve gotta be, what you gotta wait and hold out long enough to do it. But we’ve done it in a way where, it’s allowed us to carry on making music instead of going to jobs and still do, and still chase placement.

Scott Styles: Out of like, the passion, we play, we chase placement, we don’t try and force a placement because it’s not like oh we want a next big placement cause we need this cheque. We chase placements now because we’re comfortable in where we are, selling beats online and now, just because of passion, like wanting to do music

Sean Murdz: We’ve done tracks that people are aware of, like with Giggs, Whippin Excursion and things like that which are very successful for us as well, which is fantastic. My, my main one that I feel for me is working with a legendary person to me – an iconic artist to me which has been Wyclef Jean. Someone I was working with was using a lot my music and he happened to be using the same studio – I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with Diddy – and Wyclef was in the same sort of facility, he tells his story on the track, what happened to him and when he ran for president, and what not, like just a lot of information on a track. I thought “he’s done that on my track, that’s crazy”. The main source of it was online, because the person that I met up with, was through online.

Scott Supreme: A similar situation happened to me with Rotimi – Netflix & Chill someone who is a writer, he purchased some beats from me – one of the beats was Netflix & Chill. He wrote something to it, and then got, er, Rotimi got it 50 Cent, 50 Cent then gave it to Rotimi and then that was that. But that happened through someone leasing the beat.

Sean Murdz: Yeah.

Scott Styles: Anyone can make 6 figures a year, from their bedroom. With ease now, not with ease, of course you need the hard work, you need the product but

Scott Supreme: You don’t have to leave your room,

Scott Styles: Yeah, within in the 4 walls of your bedroom you can become an entrepreneur. Success is a feeling and that’s why anyone can feel it, feel me? It’s not unattainable. But that’s just my view on it, you know. Others’ success might be cars, houses, or, mine’s just yeah.. freedom, stability, happiness, them Airbit notifications are success.