In the never ending quest to get more beat sales, many beatmakers are trying to figure out ways they can tweak their Twitter posts, or even gain more followers. As a result, too often I hear about people that end up buying followers in order to have a certain level of status amongst Twitter tweeters (is that what they’re called?).
However, there is an obvious drawback to trying to obtain followers by paying for them – it’s most likely they are not genuine. Your Twitter followers are very important, as it is the backbone of what makes Twitter so good.

Why Do Some Accounts Have Thousands Of Followers?
One of the first things I noticed about Twitter when I first got on there, was that certain accounts had hundreds, or even thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of followers. How is that possible?
For example, there is an account (I won’t name names) that sells beats and when I look at their tweets, it’s just pure nonsense and doesn’t even relate that much to beat making or beat sales. As a matter of fact, their tweets seem more or less like their personal account, instead of their beat selling account.
So how is it that an account like that can have 2,500 followers? There are a few possible reasons:
  • They bought followers.
  • They stole followers.
  • They know a lot of people (probably not).
Let’s take a look at a couple of these scenarios.
They Bought Followers
When I was dealing with Facebook, I decided to set up a small 24 hour advertisement to target a certain demographic in the United States, and for those that are interested in music production. At the time I had roughly 450 likes on my page, but when the campaign was finished, I was now close to 600! At first I was really excited but when I looked at who was following me, I was very disappointed.
As it turns out, Facebook sort of cheats at giving you likes on your page, and I could tell because I had people from Pakistan that were liking my page and their profiles were empty. This tells me that Facebook’s advertising is not all it’s cracked up to be.
As for Twitter, I have yet to run an ad campaign, but with some accounts that have thousands of followers, it makes me think that they are somehow just buying follows from other accounts. Just searching on Google for “buy Twitter followers” will yield lots of results.
Should you do it? Of course not.
First of all, that is most likely against Twitter’s terms. Secondly, what’s the point? You want to get genuine followers, not just anyone. The whole point of Twitter is that you reach out to the people that follow you, with tweets that they will enjoy. There is no benefit at all to tweeting something about beat making and the person on the other end is a dummy profile.
They Stole Followers
With Twitter being such a powerful platform, it’s not without its flaws. It’s not that the system is flawed, it’s that the system can’t stop people from being douchebags.
A common technique I have seen is someone will follow me, and then if I like their profile, I will follow back. After a few days, I then notice that I’m minus one follower. When I look at who’s following, that’s when I realize that person was a “hit and run” follower.
What they do is follow someone, hopefully get a follow back, and then they unfollow. It’s basically a sneaky way of gaining followers. Some people could easily follow dozens of others, and they will get genuine follow-backs, so in the long run it looks like they have 2,500 genuine followers.
It’s All About Crafting Your Tweets To Target Certain People
It’s very simple, if you really look at it – just tweet something that certain people will like and most likely share with others. Well, it’s simple in theory – but it can definitely be done.
For example, if you are looking to sell some beats, then you will want to post something like a picture of a recording studio, or even a picture of yourself with your gear. Add a funny or interesting caption to that picture, and then tweet it out – but don’t forget a few hashtags. #musicproduction #beatmaking #beats are just a few that you should be using. Once you do that, give it time because it won’t happen overnight. As you tweet like this on a regular basis, eventually you will start to get more followers.
The last thing you want to do is spam your Twitter timeline, because that will just have a negative impact and nobody will follow you. There are plenty of times that a beatmaker has followed me and I will follow back, but then I notice all they do is tweet every day (all day) about how hot their beats are at $2. Not cool.
The lesson to take away from all of this is that it does not matter how many Twitter followers you have. It could be 2,000 or just 20, but as long as they are following you because they really want to, you will be reaching out to the right people, and not someone that is just playing games on Twitter. Good luck!