During the past few weeks, many Twitter users have been waiting impatiently for the new Twitter design to be blessed upon them, and now it seems that more and more users are seeing the new look.
Even though it may just look cosmetic to most people, there’s some interesting things that have changed, and you can definitely take advantage of these changes to help you promote your music and brand, and to sell more beats.

With the new design, it makes certain things much easier for you, and for promoting your music. Hopefully you’ve been reading some of my previous articles where I mention social media and how to use it to help you gain more clients and sell more beats, but now there’s more.
One of the newest features is that Twitter will now show certain tweets with a font about twice the size of a normal tweet. This is done only to tweets where users are engaging. For example, if you tweet about how you just finished a beat and you post a link to your SoundCloud page, and a bunch of people start clicking “favorite”, or retweeting it, then it will get the “double size” treatment from Twitter.
Right now you have a profile image, and a header image. What Twitter has done though, is make things bigger. Overall, the entire new look is bigger, wider, and seems to resemble Facebook somewhat, but the most obvious change is the size of the images.
The profile image should be 400 x 400 pixels, and the header background image 1500 x 500 pixels. You can leave what you currently have and Twitter’s new design will just stretch it, but I recommend that you take advantage of the new sizes and use it to promote yourself.
For example, the header image is huge. It’s going to take up about 50% of the browser window, so why not make use of that space? You could put a picture of yourself, but why not use it to add some text to the picture, promoting your website and/or new music that you released? It could be a link to your iTunes, SoundCloud, Reverbnation, or especially the myFlashStore Marketplace.
The main thing to remember is that Twitter’s new look is focusing a lot on pictures and videos, in other words – media. This is understandable because up until now it was really boring looking at someone’s Twitter page – it was just quick posts about nothing. By focusing on the pictures and video, it will draw people in – and that’s what you want to take advantage of. Your tweets could be about whatever, but since you’re trying to promote your music (and brand), then you should try posting pictures that show you in the studio making beats, or a picture with a caption. Again, relate it to your beats and where they can find you, and you’re sure to gain a few new clients.
Probably the most important addition to the Twitter design is that you can now “pin” a tweet. Facebook has a feature like that, but with Twitter it makes it a bit better because of the way the design is, straight down.
So with the “pin” option, you can definitely make it work to your advantage because it’s just too easy to promote yourself like this.
It could be a clever tweet, a picture, a video, or anything else that you can think of, and just “pin” it to the top of your Twitter page. Now when someone visits your page, you could easily have a pinned tweet that has a link to your Marketplace page. See? People can find your beats quickly this way.
Of course, you could always just put some regular information about yourself and your music on the left hand side, where your information now resides. This is great because before, your info was layered on top of your header image, which was hard to read, depending on the picture you had.
The bottom line is that Twitter is trying to go more in the direction of Facebook, in the sense that it wants to draw in more people and expand its user base. This is a good thing because now there will be more Twitter users that you can reach out to about your music. It was reported just last week that 44% of users have never even tweeted! That’s why Twitter wanted to change the design, and hopefully gain more users.
So with that in mind, it’s time for you to update your Twitter page (if you’ve been upgraded). Your header image, profile image, pinned tweet, and information are all there for you to promote yourself. But that’s only half the part, as you then need to promote your Twitter page to as many people as possible.