Just Want To Share A Few Tips on How To Make The Sales Tracking Feature Work For You.

What You’ll Need:

A Gold Or Platinum Account

Website Sales

Extra Money On Hand or Paypal For Advertising

Obviously This Will Only Work If You Have Beat Player(s) On Multiple Websites. At The End of Each Week You Should Go Through Each Sell and Write Down Where You Sales Came From. (Ex. 20 From Soundclick, 11 From Myspace, 34 From Website) ALWAYS DO THIS, It Makes This Method Effortless. Once You Have The Information Gathered You Will Want To Start Buying Banner Ads On Sites Such As Rocbattle, Myflashstore, Soundclick, Myspace Etc. (Depending On Your Budget)

Now DO NOT Spend All Your Money Advertising Only One Place You Sell Beats, Spread The Money Out, But Make Sure Wherever You Sold The Most Beats Gets A Little More Advertising. Make Sure On Whichever Site You Get The Most Sales, You Are Having Any Deals or Specials In The Customers Face, To Make Sure They Don’t Leave Without Buying.

One More Tip Whichever Site You Are Selling The Most On Make Sure (If You Can Embed Code) That You Have A Tweet Button or Facebook Like Button To Help Get More Traffic To The Site.

— Blue