So I’m gonna pick up where I left off in the last blog, talking about SEO in Youtube. If you don’t know what SEO is, have a read through this post to catch up

So, you’ve made your video, it looks good and you’re ready to show everyone. The next step is to upload it to Youtube. But before you do that, there are a few things to check on. Firstly, you should know when to upload. There is no point uploading it in the middle of the day when people are working, or the middle of the night when everyone is asleep. You want your video to get as many views as possible as quickly as possible, as this will help tell Youtube if your video is popular, and therefore worth showing early in search results (i.e. near the top of the results page). So upload in prime time, get as many views as possible, and watch your video get traction with more and more views

You also want to make sure your social accounts are linked to your Youtube channel, so every time you upload, your followers are automatically notified like in the picture below. This is not a big deal, as you will probably create your own messages to promote your new content, but it’s one of the many things Youtube does to make things a bit easier, so why not take advantage of it? You’ll need to promote your videos, as, more views = more popularity = higher search ranking = more views = more popul…  get it?

I’m not gonna talk about your keywords too much, as this is an obvious one (if you need a refresher on keywords, check out this post). But you want to make sure you have your keywords in your title, as well as your description. E.g. – “Kanye West type Hip Hop beat for sale”. Not only will this tell Youtube that your video is relevant to a search that has just been made, but it also tells the viewer that you have exactly what they’re looking for. It goes without saying that you’ll also put these keywords, and more (buy beats, instrumental for sale, etc.) in your tags

If you’re not sure what keywords to use, just check what other people are doing and copy them. Check out this neat trick to seeing other people’s keywords:

Click on any successful video in Youtube

Right click any where on the page and select ‘Show Page Source’

In the new window at the bottom of the page, where all that coding is, run a search (cmd/ctrl + F) and search for ‘Keyword

And there you have it – all their keywords will be listed in front of you. Happy Days

You need to figure out what people are searching for and use that to you’re advantage. Then you can add things like the feeling of the beat (sad, angry, upbeat, etc.), the type of beat (radio hit, film score, underground, etc.) and anything else you can find out and use

Let Youtube Help You

Youtube wants you to succeed, because they want you to keep using their service. You’re not gonna keep using a platform that yields no results are you? They do what they can to tell you everything you need to know, and provide you with some handy tools to help you go further. In part 1 I mentioned annotations, playlists and featured videos. These are all things that are easy to do, and were created by Youtube to help you drive engagement

You can also create a watermark to make your videos look professional and provide a subscribe link at the same time. Check out this tutorial from Youtube, showing you how to create your own branded watermark

If you go to your Dashboard in Youtube (Video Manager > Dashboard) on of the blocks you’ll see is one called ‘Tips’. Here they will have a whole host of videos and guides to help you make your videos better (you can also just click here). They even tick them off for you after you’ve completed the guide so you can keep track of where you’re up to

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Your Channel (Page)

Your channel should be treated the same as your homepage on your site. You want it to look professional, organised, and easy to navigate. This is very easy to do, and is worth the minimal amount of time you’ll invest in sorting it out. You’ll want to have some playlists set up, and featured on your channel page so your visitors can easily get to what they’re looking for. This way you’ll minimise the amount of people leaving your page

You’ll also want to choose a video to display as the ‘Main (Featured) Video’ on your page. This will play automatically for new visitors, and will be the first thing they see/hear, so choose wisely. And did you know you can have a different featured video for new visitors vs. returning visitors? This way you can have your favourite/most popular video showing for new comers, whilst regularly updating the video for returning views to showcase your latest beat. Handy right?


Like any good social site these days, Youtube also offers analytics. If you’re keeping up with these posts, you should know by now to be using your analytics for everything, but I just wanted let you know that Youtube do provide this for you, so you can monitor your videos performances (My Channel > Video Manager > Analytics)

Show Me More

The last thing I want to talk about is something that can be handled 1 of 2 ways, and how you handle it is up to you, depending how you want your viewers to spend their time. It’s what to put in the “Show More” section under each video. This is where you can explain your video, add any links etc.

Some people prefer to keep it simple, with nothing but a link to buy their beat, and sometimes not even that. This is good for limiting your viewers options, as you’re basically saying “buy the beat, stay on the page, or leave”. So this is good for making sales and keeping people on your Youtube page (or forcing them to leave)

The other way to deal with this is to provide links to everything you own. So, your website, Twitter page, Facebook, and so on.. This is a sort of ‘cover all bases’ option and is good for making sure the viewer can interact with you however they want. So, if they don’t want to buy your beat, and don’t want to see more of your videos, they’re not forced to stop interacting with you. They have the option to see your site, follow you on social networks etc.

Compared to the first example, this may get less sales, as they can get distracted by all the other options you have. However, it will also result in having longer interactions with people and open up new ways for them to connect with you, as they’re not forced to leave your page and do something else. So, as I said, it’s completely up to you how you play that one

I think that’s just about everything covered (look out for part 3, when I realise I’ve forgotten a crucial part of Youtube marketing). Thanks for reading, see you next time!

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