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Curtis King: The opportunity to sell beats online has completely changed the game for producers. It changed my life. Just complete 180. 

Dopeboyz: So precious to us. I would not change it for anything in the world. 

OSYM: I am making a considerable, like, salary now, because of the service that Airbit has created for us out there. 

Curtis King: For me success was always being able to take care of myself as a man. Selling beats online and really getting into the leasing business it just gave me back my dignity and there’s just this sense of comfort that comes over me knowing that I control my own destiny

Tone Jonez: When I started using Airbit you know, I started making five, you know, figures a year and you know after using Airbit for a while it got me to where I’m now making six figures a year. If I wasn’t using Airbit, I probably wouldn’t be able to make that much money. 

Dopeboyz: Out of nowhere one customer decided to buy ten exclusives. So, I woke up to five or four thousand dollars that morning and that was the moment when I thought well we can make that type of money by selling beats on just one day then we can definitely work out a plan where we can do this full time and do nothing else but produce music and live off that. 

Tone Jonez: Thankfully Airbit has helped me to make the kind of money that I need to make for my family. 

OSYM: I was making tracks and I still am making tracks in my room but I’ve reached like thirty-two countries now. Your customer base is like, so much bigger you have the entire earth that you’re like selling to now. 

Tone Jonez: I’ll have people in places that I never even heard of you know say that they love my music or they’ll you know lease my music and they’ll record a song with it and be all excited about it. It’s like man this is crazy to me that somebody in another country knows about my music, you know here I am in this little room and sometimes you just don’t know the impact that you have. It’s like my music is almost like water spilled and it’s like went into all the cracks and crevices of the Earth or something man, it’s like people all over so, it’s is a blessing, it really is. 

OSYM: I’m able to travel and work with artists or just go on vacation because my whole work is online so I can work anywhere. 

Curtis King: I can sell things from my iPhone. And that’s something that even I love with Airbit, is that it gives me the opportunity to check on the run, check to see if my sales or, check and see you know, what customers from what country are buying my beats when I’m on the beach. What?!

Dopeboyz: The whole online beat selling business cuts out the middleman basically and Airbit is helping us with that. You don’t rely on the traditional ways of a producer earning income which is collecting royalties, so you don’t really rely on their system you don’t have to wait like crazy amount of time for your paycheck you can just put your stuff online and if someone likes it you can buy it and you can get your paycheck right away. 

Epik: The producers online are now like the new super producers, especially in the past two years you have two of the biggest records out period. Bryson Tiller, “Don’t” and Designer, “Panda”, as far as like urban music goes. They were both bought online. 

Curtiss King: The game had a song with Drake and Johnny Giuliano, producers who come from that atmosphere are leasing beats. 

OSYM: I got some major label placements because of online beat selling. 

Epik: In the next ten years, I feel like it’s just gonna, it’s gonna end up being the industry. Like it’s not even gonna be considered independent. It’s gonna be the industry period. 

Tone Jonez: The thing I love about you know selling tracks online and being with Airbit, is I’m not a slave to anything. I’m not a slave to a contract, I’m not a slave to anybody else’s time schedule, I’m not a slave to anybody else’s preferences or ideas of what the case may be. I get in here, I make what I wanna make. Musically. And I make what I wanna make financially. 

Curtis King: Waking up and seeing you know a PayPal notification that I sold beats in my sleep, that right there was just like oh man. 

OSYM: Airbit has really made business go a lot smoother I can focus more on creating tracks rather than sending out fifteen beats that I sold today. 

Tone Jonez: Time is very important to me and it’s allowed me to spend more time with the people that I love. 

Curtis Jonez: Really the biggest goal was happiness. Fulfillment, right. And I found that.

Dopeboyz: Sometimes I think I’m probably the happiest person on earth I can just produce music put it online and Airbit will do the job for me. It’s really like a platform where people wants producers to be successful. Their customer service is so friendly and everybody is just so cool around there. 

Curtis King: Airbit is a game changer. Airbit is in a league of their own. And there’s nobody else out there doing it the way that they’re doing it. They don’t get in the way of me selling beats, they complement my process. 

Tone Jonez: If you want to really be able to impact people and move forward with your business you better get on it cause I’m telling you this is where it’s headed. 

Curtis King: Step into that position because the time is now. There’s never been an era, like the era we’re in right now. The sky is the limit. 

By Ellis | May 3rd, 2017 | Watch: Airbit Advert