Many of you were asking this last week. What is a successful week look like for a music producer? Especially an online music producer? Well, let’s talk about it. 

Music producers, what does a successful week look like for an online producer who does this for a living? Great question, excellent question. I would credit somebody, but many of you were asking about this and it’s a great question to start at. You know, my particular system, when I first started off, I thought that the only barometer of success was merely, you know, how much work I got done. How many beats did I put out to the atmosphere? How many did I upload? And so, what it did was it created a monster out of me in terms of actual work, but it also created an imbalance where when you’re going crazy on something else, when your engine is going crazy, that means something somewhere is lacking if you’re not striking the balance. For me, it was my health.

So, the way that I have now identify in this day and age as a barometer of a successful week, especially if you’re making a living off of your music. Obviously sales is one barometer of that, cause you gotta be able to pay your bills. But I think that striking a balance between taking care of your health is just as important as taking care of your wealth. You know, I forget who said it, it might have been an anonymous quote, but they said, you know. Don’t spend your entire life pursuing wealth just to one day use it all upon your health, which is you know, buying medication and all these different things to basically keep you alive, surgeries and whatnot.

So, what I think a successful week, and this is my personal opinion, get yourself out there, get some exercise, you know. Just don’t sit in front of the computer all day long. Here’s the thing about it. You know, I was told that if you spend up to about 12 hours or not even 12, I think it was like something like 6 hours a day, just sitting down with your legs cramped and you’re sitting in front of a computer, it literally takes off you know, 10 years of your life. If you’re doing this every single day. So, beyond just you know, what kind of beats to make, we’re gonna talk about that. But beyond that, take care of your health first. I need to make this at the forefront. I don’t think enough people talk about that within our community is that, you need to take care of your health first because you know, I don’t know about you, but I get migraine headaches on occasion when I don’t take care of my health. When I get a migraine, there is no sitting up here making no beats. There is no, you know, checking in with customers because I just don’t have the mind, I don’t have the energy, I don’t have the focus to even sit there and handle my business. I become a liability to my own business. Take care of your health first. Make sure that you’re guzzling water, you know, there’s a water bottle out there in the market that basically lights up every single hour that you know you need to be drinking water. It’ll light up and remind you, it’s so crazy that we’re in the day and age where there’s so many distractions, we need that but some of us need that. I know I do. I have a cup that measure by the time, how much water I should be drinking throughout the day. Now, I know you probably didn’t come here expecting that when I said how to get a successful week for a producer, but this is very important.

Now, aside from you know, getting out there, doing at least 30 minutes of exercise, I think what’s even more important is you know, having a specific plan for your week and not just making a to do list. One thing that I learned from one of my biggest mentors, Tony Robbins, is that you know, a lot of times we make plans for what we have to do. By making a to do list first and that seems very common, but it’s actually a huge mistake and we miss out on a great opportunity to really get what we want out of our time and life. So, a system that he came up with that I live by, that has helped me for years is pretty much the MAP, the massive action plan. And it’s basically broken up into 3 steps, right?

So, as you plan your week out, whenever that day is, maybe that’s a Sunday, before you jump in on Monday. If it’s on Sunday, what I want you to do is this. Think of the results that you want from the week, okay? Think about how you want to lay this, what are the outcomes that you want from this particular week? You know, think about do you wanna get 10 beats done? Cool, you wanna 10 beats, good, ok, cool. You know, when you figure out what results you want, it helps point your focus in the right direction. Now, that you figured out how much you wanna make. You gotta be very specific too.

So, first thing you wanna say, what outcome do I want? You know what? This outcome, bigger picture, I wanna make sure that I create quality production that is going to help somebody either start their album or finish it strong. It’s a great starting point. Now, you have to determine, after you determine the result and the outcome, determine the why. Why is that important to you? The why is going to be the engine that gets you down to the last, last step. You gotta determine the why. Well, the why, why is it important for you to provide, you know, this production for somebody starting off an album or ending on strong. Well, one it does pay my bills, that’s a great why. Secondly, it ensures that I become a value to more than just myself because the two things that make us happy, also from Tony Robbins says is, happiness and contribution. I’m sorry, not happiness, growth and contribution.

So, that being said, if you are constantly growing because you are achieving your results and then you’re also contributing to something that’s bigger than you, you will be happy. So, I think that it’s great to feel like you’re getting some kind of progress by helping other people achieve their dreams, you know. The quickest route to your dreams is literally by figuring out ways to help people along their path towards theirs. People don’t forget that, some people do, but people don’t forget that generally.

So, in this case, you know, determine your why, first determine your results, your outcome and your why. When you got the results and the why, you’re almost like, you know. I don’t know what it’s called on Call of Duty but but you’re like right there in the scope with the sniper rifle and you know exactly where you wanna go. Now that you know exactly where you wanna go, then you make your to do list. Because, once you determine your outcome, once you determine your why. A lot of stuff just starts to kinda fall by the wayside, because it’s not as important, you know, there’s so many things we put on a to do list, cause we’re like, oh I gotta do this, I gotta do this. But there’s no level of, there’s no ordering of importance in that.

So, I would suggest, before you get started with this week, maybe the specific plan or the outcome that you lay out, it may be just figuring out what type of beats that you wanna make, you know, determine 3 or 4 different styles that you wanna capture. You know, maybe even make a playlist of beats that are already made from other people that you say, I wanna kinda capture these aesthetics to study. And then that way when you sit down in front of your laptop, you feel like you’re not wasting your time, you feel like you know what, this was a productive week and I had loved the fact that I got, even if you don’t get everything done. You’ll at least feel like you’re moving the needle a lot, lot faster than if you were just aimlessly putting things on your to do list. 

Music producers, do you have some specific ways that you pretty much determine a successful week for you as a music producer. Share in the comments, we encourage engagement. Once again, this is Curtiss King of Have a good one. 

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