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Music producers, you should never, under any circumstances resell your exclusive beats. Let’s talk about why. 

Music producers, you are a business, you hear me say this all the time. But you are a business and people want you to abide by a certain conduct. When you choose to make your music production, your product available to the general public, to the internet, or wherever you’re selling your beats. You have a responsibility as a business. It’s your responsibility to be fair in your practice, to be moral in your practice. At least this is my definition of a great business or an amazing business, a good business, whatever level. This is how you should be operating business.

You know, I was taught by a marketing teacher of mine, one of the most genius marketing teachers I’ve ever come in contact with, named professor Morgan and what he told me was, you don’t get into a business unless you feel like you can help people, genuinely help people, because what’s gonna happen is, at some point in time, you’re gonna lose your drive, you’re gonna lose your why, which is the all-important fuel that pushes your grind alone, you know, you’re going to lose that if you don’t figure out a way that your business is helping people. If you don’t genuinely feel like your beats are helping rappers become better artists or better entertainers, whatever the case may be. Then you are not doing business in the correct manner.

So, that being said, a practice that you know, I came in contact with when you know, there’s many different producers that I’ve known to do the leasing business and you know one thing that I think is very hard for a lot of producers to do is part ways with their exclusive beats. So, let me give you an example. A rapper comes through, comes to your website and says you know what, that beat right there is amazing, I love it and maybe you’re strapped for cash, maybe you’re like, man, I really don’t wanna let this go cause it’s a hot seller and you tell that rapper, cool. I’ll charge you 300 bucks to buy this exclusively. The rapper says, dope, man, preciate that. I’m gonna send you the PayPal now, right now. Since the PayPal, you take the beat off the website. A few days later, somebody hit you up and they say, hey man. I saw you take you take down that one beat. What happened, did it sell exclusively? You look at that situation and say, now if I’m responsible, I tell them that this beat was sold exclusively, but if I’m irresponsible and not doing business the fair way. I would tell this person, hey yeah, no I didn’t sell it. I just took it down for some maintenance issue, whatever excuse you come up with and you know, they entrusting you that you’re telling the truth and then they pay you maybe another 300 and you’re making 600 off of one beat.

I’m telling you right now that doing business in this way, although you know, you may feel like the internet is huge and there’s so many people from different parts of the world who are using it, who would never come in contact with each other. Let me let you know, the internet is a lot smaller than you think and you know, I’m not speaking from experience because I have never been one to wanna resell exclusives.

You know, I’m sure there’s temptation for everybody, you know when, like I said, you get a beat that’s selling hot like hot cakes and it may not be reselling the exclusive as exclusive, it may be reselling exclusive as a lease. Still it is your promise, you have that written in the contract that you will not do certain practices like that. You know, it’s bad from a karma standpoint, I don’t know if you believe in karma, I believe in karma. And I think it’s bad from a karma standpoint to resell something you know on the grounds that contradict what you sold that to initially for somebody exclusively. So, you know, don’t get into that business.

When somebody figures that out, you could be in a situation where you end up paying out double the amount that you sold the exclusive for originally if somebody figures that situation out. You gotta understand, there’s ways for people to find your beat on the internet once they bought it exclusively. You know, once they put it up for distribution, say they wanna put it up for distribution on iTunes, on apple music on all the streaming websites and say they try to upload it to YouTube and all of a sudden, you know this other rapper has already uploaded it to distribution and now it’s saying that this song that they bought exclusively is actually owned by somebody else. That rapper contacts that rapper and says hey, I just bought this beat exclusively, could you take your stuff down so I can upload it? That rapper says no, I bought it exclusively too. All signs and all fingers are pointing back at you.

Don’t put yourself in that situation. It’s a terrible practice. I think that when it comes to karma that will catch up with you and it’s not worth the extra money because somehow, someway, whether it’s a PayPal chargeback, you’re gonna pay back for that and I don’t think that’s the way that you want your reputation to be. I don’t think that’s the way that you wanna represent your business. So, be fair in your business, be fair to your customers, do the right thing, don’t resell exclusives. I mean, instead of reselling exclusives, if you really, really wanna make another income off of it, turn that beat into a construction kit and sell it to other producers. Let them see the anatomy or you know, sort of the makings of a successful selling beat and that way you won’t get in trouble. You know, when somebody buys an exclusive beats, they don’t buy exclusivity to the sound, it’s more so the arrangement of that particular beat and the rights to be the only ones or the last ones to rap and sing over that particular production. So, be fair, more so than anybody else, be fair to yourself, be fair to your future and you know, never resell exclusives. It’s a bad practice. 

Once again, this is Curtiss King of airbit.com. Have a good one. 

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