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Music Producers – Why you MUST Respond Quickly To Emails.

What’s going on music producers, it’s Curtiss King of Airbit.com here today to explain to you why it is vital for you to get back to your customers and emails. Let’s talk about it. 

Music producers, customer service runs the game, it runs any business that you are having, any business that you put together, any business you think about doing, you better get your customer service in tact or that business is doomed from the jump.

So, let’s talk about in particular why I think that you should be getting back to your customers as fast as possible. Let me give you in a scenario. You ever had a friend of yours that you know, maybe had a product, maybe a t-shirt, let’s talk about a t-shirt. The friend that had a t-shirt business and they really put out a pretty good product and really you wanna just show support for them and so you know, you go check it out and everything looks good, you order your t-shirt, you get your size, you get it sent to your address, and then, you know it says it’ll be there in 5-7 days and then it doesn’t get there and then you wait, you know 8-9 days, just wait, and then 10-12 days and then frustration starts to sit in as you start to see this particular friend, maybe they’re posting on social media or maybe they’re doing something where it’s like yo man, what’s going on with my product? Maybe you might even send him an email, you may even hit him up like hey, maybe you didn’t see my order, and you don’t hear anything back. This can be one of the most frustrating things for anybody that does business, customer service rules all, don’t let anybody tell you any different.

Now, when it comes to the business of leasing your beats, I’ll tell you like this, initially when I first began and still to this day, I still keep it up, is that when I got emails, I made a habit of responding within the first 5-10 minutes, why? Because they’re not expecting me, I could tell by the type of messages they got, where they would say things like, get at me when you can, I just want to see the exclusive on this beat. When you have somebody, you know, and you gotta think of your customers and think of the nature of a lot of the customers of this business, I would say a good chunk of customers in the leasing business, rappers or singers, they’re impulse buyer, they’re emotional buyers, they’re buyers that hear a beat and they say oh man, I could do a song like this over that, maybe I could talk about this, and they get excited about it and they get so excited that maybe they don’t know the process of buying and so they hit you up in the email. If you can take advantage of that opportunity, where they’re most excited about it, where they’re most passionate about having that in their possession and doing whatever they need to do to get that, you have an opportunity to make a sale and really make a good amount of income if you can still do that on a consistent basis with you know, whomever your consumer may be.

Now, everybody’s not like that of course, but I found that having that customer service, one it surprises them, two, they say man, you don’t understand, I hit certain producers up and I don’t hear back from them, for you know, 2 or 3 weeks. The fact that you got to me just like that, man, that means a lot to me, can we jump on a line?

That’s something else that I do to is that, you know, if we’re talking about strategies in particular with the emails, I get on man, if they ask a question about a purchase that’s gonna be more than 200, 300 bucks. You know, it’s pretty, I mean every purchase is significant, but something like that, I say let’s hop on a line and talk about it, because here’s the thing, when people are talking through just the email and there just words being exchanged, they don’t feel, you know, the tone, they don’t feel how genuine you are, they don’t hear your passion. So, if you are somebody that’s a producer that has a lot of passion in you, or you just are a people person, which I know is not a lot of producers unfortunately. I hate to put that stereotype out there but it’s like that. A lot of us are very recluse, if you’re like that, you should be having phone conversations immediately, when somebody’s hitting you up about something that is you know a more expensive purchase. But in general, you should be responding back to your emails quickly.

Now, obviously we all have you know, we all may have other responsibilities, we may have things that are away from music, you know, some of us might have a job, some of us have a family and things that we must tend to and we don’t have the opportunity to jump on a phone and hit somebody back. But, there’s one thing I’ll say to that. First of all, you know, how important is the success of your business? Because I think initially when you’re starting off, those excuses should not be there, you should be figuring out whatever way possible, that you can do it. If you can’t get to your email, have one of those away message emails that send them something back that says hey, between the hours of such and such. I’m actually away from my office, but I will get back to you immediately, if you have any further questions, text me at this number. That kind of customer care shows that you know what, I know that you’ll understand that I’m busy if I express it to you, but understand that you’re not too busy for me to have some sort of conversation.

You wanna make sure that you at least show the customers you care. Most times they just wanna know that you give a damn. They just wanna know that you’re there to take care of their purchase, they’re investing their hard-earned money and for some people you know, you may have leases for 20 bucks, that still means a lot to somebody. That 20 bucks may not mean anything to you, that means a lot to somebody. For somebody to take their check, pay their bills, you know, get their food, take care of their family and then turn around and say you know what, I really, really, really would love to rap over this beat, I think this beat would add something crazy to my project and I wanna invest in you, of all the millions of producers, or not even producers, but beats that are online. I chose yours, I choose you Pokémon, they chose yours. So, that being said, you don’t treat them with respect, you know of course, you’re gonna get those knucklehead customers that hit you up and you know, they wanna negotiate, so you sell your beats for 15, they want them for 12, they want them for 9 and you know you still wanna address them with some respect and obviously every email may not warrant a response.

Sometimes you get people who, you know, just really don’t know what they wanna do, have no idea what. They just are confused and they’re just sending emails to a, they’re just sending a bunch of messages, a bunch of places, hoping that you just say hit to them. You know, at least that’s what I’ve experienced a few times and you know I still treat human beings, I just love people. That’s one of my faults. I love people man. And if you love people, you will find the time to you know, express those things, but then some people are just there to be reckless and that’s certainly not worth your time, it’s not worth your energy.

But I’m straying away from the topic. And the topic at hand, is customer service, making sure that you not just deliver what you promise you’ll deliver, but over deliver, over deliver the value, how do you over deliver? You may you know, have somebody who buys a beat from you, they get the beat on time, everything’s fine, right? The way that you over deliver, an example of that, maybe you have after they purchase from your actual Airbit account or your beat player, maybe you have PayPal redirect them to another site, or another website of yours that gives them 15% discount on their next purchase. Maybe you add them to your email list and then from there, say look, I’ll give you a 15% lifetime discount for your business. Thank you so much. You may even hit that person up, you know a few months from then, and say, hey I saw that you bought a basic lease, a basic mp3 lease, how’s that working for you? You know, how was writing to it? Really start up a conversation and you know, you may be like, well I don’t care, you should care and if you don’t care, fake it.

You need to care, you need to start caring about these people who care enough to invest into you. So, that being said, follow up with them, you never know. You having that conversation with them, could upsell them from an mp3 lease to a track out, because they were like, yo this song is actually doing really well and I meant to hit you up, but it just flipped my mind, but that being said, yo can I upgrade my lease now to a track out lease or to a premium lease? Now you have an opportunity for an upsell. I don’t say go in there with the intentions to upsell them, even though there’s nothing wrong with that. I would just say, really genuinely decide that you want to service the people, that you wanna give them value. That you want to over deliver upon what you promised and give them some hidden secrets, some hidden gems, some hidden bonuses for them investing with you, you know.

Even when you send your email list out, your email list does not have to always get messages about new beats, yes, you are a producer, you’re selling, that’s absolutely right, but if you have the opportunity as a producer to teach something to rappers or to singers, maybe you found some article about how you know, Spotify is gonna be paying more for streaming. Well, that’s a great opportunity to strike up a conversation and also put it into that person’s brain, hey, this person is a person of value, of information and they make some pretty nice beats. If you get that into their mind and you’re constantly inside of their brain where they’re making decisions about beats. You stand the chance of starting to increase your sales and basically your reputation being known as somebody that delivers excellent customer service. 

Once again, this is Curtiss King of Airbit. Have a good one. 

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