With the recent release of the iPhone 6, and the massive amount of lineups seen all over the world, it tells me that everyone wants everything NOW.
The same goes for selling beats.
After making beats for years, it’s only natural that you would want to make some money from your skills, but the only problem is that it just won’t happen overnight.

You Can Sell Beats Many Different Ways
Usually the best way to sell beats is by using a service such as right here on myFlashStore. With all the tools already set up for you, such as the Marketplace, voice tags, different player designs, etc., it’s one of the best ways of selling. The problem is that a lot of beat makers stick to just using a website. Even though myFlashStore is the ideal solution, there are other ways of going about it.
  • Sell on social media.
  • Sell through word of mouth.
  • Sell through your contacts.
Social Media
Networking on social media is extremely powerful. Granted, most people on social websites are only posting about themselves, but if you network and work at building relationships with certain people, it can definitely happen.
Just in the past few months, I have grown the IllMuzik Twitter account from 450 followers to over 700. It may not seem like a lot to you, but those are genuine followers, not a rush of people that I bought or tricked into following me.
This is because I actually took the time to network and post on Twitter. It takes time, but the key is to be consistent. As you keep posting and interacting with other users on social media, your list will build and as such, you will finally be reaching hundreds or even thousands of people with every post you create.
Word Of Mouth
One of the biggest disappointments is that people rely too much on the internet. Even though it’s easy to use and powerful for beat sales, you just can’t beat human interaction. That is why I always recommend that in order to get further ahead, you need to meet people live and in person.
But how do you do that?
It can be tricky to meet people in person because everyone just wants to interact online. If you go to live concerts, audio workshops, and music conventions – these are some of the ways you can network and get to know people. It doesn’t mean that you need to try and sell beats to them, but instead the whole point is that you at least form relationships, which will help you in the next step.
Having a list of music contacts is something that every beat maker and producer needs to have. Without it, you will be denying yourself potential beat sales and further contacts. How to use your list of contacts is what a lot of people ask themselves.
It’s simple – use it to stay in touch. That’s it.
For example, if you are looking to sell some beats, all you have to do is email (or through whatever social media platform) a few people and reach out to them with a friendly message. But it’s what you put in the message that will trigger a possible beat sale or connection.
“What’s up with you? How is that new microphone you bought? Me, I’ve just been working hard on my beats”.
This is something you would send to another producer, or an engineer, for example. What you’re doing is just seeing what’s up with them, but at the same time you’re throwing it in the message that you’re working on your beats. Now maybe nothing will come from this, but there’s a good chance something might.
Let’s say you sent a message like that to your friend who works at a studio. Maybe he just heard from someone else that some rapper needs some beats for his new album. Right there, he could easily hook you up.
The one thing you definitely don’t want to do is to spam your contacts. Having a list of contacts is extremely useful, so use it wisely, otherwise you will get lots of emails from people telling you to take them off your list. Never email them and talk only about yourself, and never email them just to tell them you’re selling your beats for 99 cents!
The whole purpose of networking and taking your time is that they are all paths that lead to one thing – beat sales. But just like anything, it takes time. You could build a beautiful website and have all your beats listed there, or you could be J Dilla’s identical twin – it doesn’t matter because everything takes time. The key is to just keep at it and be consistent.
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