Here’s Few Quick Tips On How To Make Youtube Work For You.

1. Do Beatmaking Videos, But Make Sure Not To Have The Video Dragging On Forever. 5-8 Minutes Max Is Good Try To Keep It To A Weekly Basis.

2. Capitalize Off Major Events. Rappers/Singers Death. Some Major Event In THe News etc. Whatever It When You Name Your Beat/Youtube VideoInclude The Major Event or Spinoff For More Hits and/or Views.

3. When Putting In Annotations and Subtitles, Dont Place Them Directly In The Middle Of The Video (As To Be A MAJOR Distraction) and Don’t Put A Million Different Ones In The Video.

4. ALWAYS Leave Contact Info In The Description Box. I Can’t Stress That Enough.

5. Post A Lot Of Video Responses To Videos That Are Relative To Your Beat, or Videos.

6. If You Use Transitions, Use Your Own Beats In Them To Give Viewers/Potential Customers A Good Feel For Your Music.

7. Make Sure During The Video Have A Message Saying Something Along The Lines of “If Interested In This Beat, Get It Here:” etc. and At The Bottom Of The Video

When I Did Videos In The Past, These Are The Techniques I Used. I May Get Back Into Doing Videos To Give You Guys A Feel Of What I Mean.