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About me

JanMarvin is an artist/producer from the BayArea, in California. He currently produces, write, mix/master, and distributes his own music. In 2016, JanMarvin released his first single On My Grind, Followed by the release of his debut album With You a mix of emotions, love, and loses, in 2017. The album is a blend of R&B vocals, Hip-Hop kits, and orchestral strings, reminds us that music speaks to the heart. Months later, JanMarvin released an EP called Some Things Change complete opposite of the Hip-Hop sound he previously released, this dance, tropical-chill vibe sound, showcases JanMarvin's versatility as an artist/producer. JanMarvin attributes his influences to other artist/producers such as Timbaland, Pharrell Williams & Kanye West.