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Born Elvis Lawrence(Larry) Mbuitu on 24 Jan 1988, L-vizzle Beatz is an accomplished Beatmaker/Rapper/Music Producer. "Music has been a part of my life from my early child hood dayz. I remember flipping Tracey Chapman's 12 inch vinyls when I was 3 yrs old('Don't You Know') has been my jam ever since. Been in the choir, sang(baritone bass)and formed Hip Hop groups since my days in primary school(class 7).In other words, I AM MUSIC. My Heart and Soul is in Horror core, Hardcore Hip Hop, Southern Hip Hop, Soul n R n B. I have a defined sound n style which I call C.H.E.C.K Music. Its simply coined from my major music influences which are; Crunk,Hip Hop,Electronica,Club & Kenyan sounds." Driven by passion for good quality music, L-vizzle Beatz is a dedicated Artiste, full of Life, Love, Fun and