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Birth Place: Bermuda (BDA)
Age: 24

Twitter : @MGD_DopeTraX : https://twitter.com/MGD_DopeTraX

Facebook : www.facebook.com/OatsPlayPage

Music Website : www.reverbnation.com/oatsmusic

Any artist want to use or buy beats, you can contact my personal email or phone!!

Started writing R&B songs from the age of 11 and played the drums for my church but never really took music serious until high school. High school is also around the same time i started writing and recording reggae/dancehall music. While in high school I picked up two more instruments; electric & acoustic guitar and began teaching my self to play a few songs of different genres. i.e "Good Riddance", "When September Ends" "Basket Case" - Green Day (Punk Rock) "Meant To Live" - Switch Foot (Christian Rock) "Redemption Song" - Bob Marley (Reggae) "Party Like A Rock Star" - Shop Boyz (Hip Hop) Through the exposure to different genres of music with the guitar and experience from playing the drums, the interest to produce beats developed. Installed FL Studio (Fruity Loops) on my Laptop and that's were the real passion for music and performing really grew. Release my single "Love Patrol" with - Lovely Ebony that rocked the island the same year I graduated. The recording game picked up from then too. The Rapping game started a year after I graduated from high school. Recorded with @KeejFromBda on the "Money Green Dreams Vol.1" mixtape. check that out on Based my bro and I in England in January 2013. Now experimenting with Trap Instrumentals similar to producers like Young Chop and Lex Luger.