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About me

Mista Drumline is a musical entrepreneur who has seen his career sky rocket to heights only he could have imagined. Drumline began producing music in 2006 and over the past 6 years he has seen his work result in hit singles, chart topping albums and multiple awards. Drumline hails from Columbia, South Carolina and his love of music has taken him from his home state to Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, and New York to produce music with local artists in those states. Drumline is widely known as the producer of the hit albums “Bad Bad Nation” and “Loyalty” for LeLe aka BadBad. The album “Loyalty” won Album of The Year at the 2012 SCMA Music Awards. Drumline was also nominated for the SCMA Producer of the Year. His songs like “I’m Hollywood” are regularly featured on radio shows like Hot 103.9’s H-dub 6 O’clock at Night. Drumline also produced the hit single “Woman of the City” for LeLe aka BadBad in late 2011 and that tune has received over 200,000 views of YouTube. In fact Drumline is a master of social media and through platforms like Twitter he has built a strong following in the music community. His Twitter following alone reached over 24,000 followers in less than eight months through various promotions and word of mouth among his fans. His work has been featured widely in the industry press and social sites including shebloggin.com, hiphopnation.com, Hood Affairs and many more. With such wide support in the community, Mista Drumline’s future seems bright. Drumline is also quite the entrepreneur. He is CEO of the “Bang the Track Squad Music Group” which features a group of dedicated producers, DJ’s, models, bloggers and artists all out to make a difference in the industry. He also runs BadBadNation.com. In his spare time he shows his support for abused and neglected animals by volunteering time and energy at local animal shelters.