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You’ve mastered your production?
Now it’s time to master the money!

Would you like to Sell more beats

Maybe you would like to double or triple your monthly beat sales?
Or maybe you would like to start getting consistent sales?
  • Imagine the PayPal payments coming in all day long on auto pilot and all you have to do is upload new beats.

    Just making hot beats is not enough though, you need to know how to market and present your product. Marketing your beats correctly is the most important skill you can possibly learn in this business. And marketing isn't just about getting page views.

    You can either waste your money paying for common promos, website re-designs, SEO specialists, Adwords ads, and email blasts, or you can get educated on what actually works. 

    Knowing where to invest your money and time is not a guessing game, it's a skill that can be taught and learned.

    You need to understand the techniques that get you more high quality traffic to your music; and you need to know which mistakes make visitors want to click the back button and leave your site.

    High quality traffic plus a well built site will result in beat sales, repeat customers, and money in your bank account.
  • If you are interested in getting educated and building your online business,Airbit has teamed up with Mike Lightner from Jee Juh and Sell Beats Like A Pro to give you the best possible beat selling and internet marketing information available.

    Mike Lightner has helped hundreds of music producers sell their beats, get traffic, build better websites, and get paid for doing what they love.

    You could be making simple mistakes that are losing you money and could easily be fixed with the right direction.

    Airbit now offers 3 different levels of producer coaching and education packages from video tutorials to 1 on 1 Skype consulting to really jump start your business.

    This is a unique opportunity to get direct advice, feedback, and actionable steps to take your beat sales to the next level.

    If you are ready to start selling more beats, choose one of the packages below.

Online Training features

Video tutorials

Instant acces to 100+ video training tutorials


Receive monthly training and marketing newsletters


Exclusive discounts on drum kits and promos.

Members only

Access to private members only forum.

  • $95


    • 12 months online training subscription
  • $175

    Jump start

    • 6 months online training subscription
    • 1-on-1 one hour Skype consultation
    • Basic website review
  • $395

    The Masterclass

    • 12 months online training subscription
    • 1-on-1 in-depth Skype consultation
    • Full website review + PDF report
    • Full business model review

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