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About me

Montreal native Alpha Centori bleeds pure boom bap. His influences are deeply rooted in the timeless New York underground hip hop scene of the 90s. At 13, his love of hip hop led him to start experimenting with Casio keyboards and pause looping cassettes. Not long after, experimenting wasn’t enough and he founded the group ALS with some of his friends from high school. He moved on from the group to attend Trebas Institute in 2001. Flexing his natural talent, he chose to put his energy into becoming a recording and mixing engineer. After graduation, he found working for companies like Ubisoft and Musique Plus weren’t scratching his creative itch, so he started his own company. It was apparent he needed to get back to his first love – making beats. A healthy combination of passion and hard work was behind him founding his sound design company Boom Bap Labs. There is no doubt his hard work and dedication to the music that inspired him will continue to push him towards bigger and greater achievements in the very same underground scene he remains deeply rooted in.