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How It Works

Get Set Up

It’s easy to get started in 2 minutes, just upload your beats to Airbit, choose your prices and how you want us to pay you. You’ll be paid instantly as the sales roll in!


Airbit fits around you. We’ve created templates that you can instantly use or customize to your liking for things like beat licenses, discounts, packages, contracts and more. We’ll teach you how to connect your social accounts and build an email list to supercharge your marketing!

Sell beats everywhere

You’ll sell more beats in three ways: we’ll showcase you in our marketplace to our 800k+ users, you’ll get your own online store, and you can add it to your own websites too!

Get paid

On August 1st, 2023 we are changing the way payouts are being handled for the marketplace. Please see this post for all the details. To prepare for the upcoming changes, please update your payout details to ensure you are paid out on time.

Top Features


Collaborate with your favorite producers and record the revenue split on Airbit. We register a payment split every time that collaboration has been sold.

Sell Sound Packs

You don’t just make music, you make sounds. Create kits, upload them to your account and reach an even bigger audience with your products.


Connect your favorite mailing list providers like MailChimp and GetResponse, social media like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, and analytics like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Infinity Store

With the Infinity store we take care of all the backend technology while you concentrate on making amazing music. The Infinity store is the most customizable store ever created for selling your beats and Sound Packs. It’s so flexible that not only can you embed and style it to your existing website, but you can even use it as a full desktop and mobile website too. It can be customized to fit the style of your brand.

Use It As A Full Website
View Demo
No coding skills required
Use your own custom domain
Customize styling, branding and pages
Add live chat to talk directly with customers
Zero commission
Embed it on your existing website
View Demo
Style to match your current website seamlessly
Simple copy and paste embed code - just like a YouTube video
Display all your beats or just create playlists
Zero commission



Earn revenue from YouTube videos using your beats

Just submit your beats, YouTube finds videos that use your beats and places ads on them. We then collect ad revenue on your behalf and pay you monthly.

Using the Content ID system through Airbit was the most convenient thing for us to do, because it’s all in one place.

There are a lot of services that can provide Content ID, but we felt it would be the smartest go with a service that has the producers interest in mind first - DopeBoyzMuzic

I’ve been using the Airbit Content ID system since the beginning and I’m very impressed.

It works better than other Content ID providers I’ve tested before. It automatically generates a good additional income every month for me - InsaneBeatz


Platinum Rewards

There’s more to our Platinum package than meets the eye. We have partnered with some amazing companies to offer you exclusive discounts and free giveaways available ONLY as part of Airbit Platinum Rewards.

To take advantage of these offers you need to be a Platinum member with a 12 month package subscription, or have been a Platinum month-to-month subscriber for at least 12 months.

Instant Free Download Sound Packs
Purple Clouds
Hot Shots Kit
Trap Essential Loops
Vip 3-In-1 Kit
Discount Codes
evabeats logo
evabeats logo
DFAM Synthesizer

More than just a beat store

Airbit is a community of entrepreneurial producers. We want to help you grow and rise up together! As much as we work tirelessly to get your music in front of as many eyes as possible, there’s nothing more important than building your own brand and customer base. That’s why we don’t just want to provide all of the services and tools you need but actively educate you in all things marketing so that you can become independent and build your successful beat selling business.

Frequently Asked Questions

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