Who We Are

Find out about who we are and why we do it

Our Mission

To create impact and opportunity by providing a platform for music-makers globally to create, connect, monetize and gain visibility by pursuing their passion.

Our Purpose

Airbit is the most user-friendly and intuitive destination for buying, selling and collaborating on beats. Through our online platform with its intelligent design and innovative technology, events and in-person experiences hundreds of thousands of producers, artists and content creators are using Airbit to independently make tomorrow’s biggest sounds.

When we created Airbit, our goal was to democratize the industry for music-makers by championing all and providing a level-playing field where creators can buy, sell and create from all backgrounds and experiences. Today, we continue to fuel our mission by giving back to the community and empowering producers, artists and content creators. We do it because there is an innate strength in the realized goals of a larger collective bonded together through shared interests. And ultimately, with full creative control, artists have the freedom and flexibility to pursue their passion and make it a reality.

At Airbit we believe that education, collaboration, and innovation are what empowers creators to not only become better artists, but also better entrepreneurs.

Our Family

Wasim Khamlichi image
Wasim Khamlichi
Founder, CEO

Geek turned music mogul always looking for the next adventure on each corner of the globe

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Judah Wiedre image
Judah Wiedre
VP of Business Development

Curious explorer looking for music, waves, and new experiences with family and friends

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Sikwitit image
Community Director

I define epic and specialize in the ridiculous

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Loubna Khamlichi image
Loubna Khamlichi
Media Production Director

Music lover, music maker, independent musician advocate; multitasking my way through life

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Chris Paprocki image
Chris Paprocki
Creative Director

Design obsessed over-thinker with big picture imagination and detail focused concentration

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Ellis Houslin image
Ellis Houslin
Community Support Manager

A big nerd. With big nerdy interests

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Sara Laamarti B. image
Sara Laamarti B.
Community Support

An adventure seeker and this happens to be my new adventure

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Houssain Amrani image
Houssain Amrani
Technical Lead

Coding nerd with community projects in the day and a batman mission at night

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Lamyaa Khamlichi image
Lamyaa Khamlichi
Lead Frontend Developer

From crime fighting at 21 to finding my inner geek at 31, I’m a chameleon who changes her colors… very slowly

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Aiman Fakia image
Aiman Fakia
UI/UX Designer

Fitness addict with a mission of integrating life with art and culture

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