Make Music More Fair

Who we are

Airbit’s global music technology platform empowers music makers by pioneering new technologies, fostering community, and providing unique music monetization tools.

With Airbit’s global beat selling platform music makers can take control of their own careers. Join the world’s top producers and creators who believe in a music industry that’s more fair, where talent and effort speaks for themselves.

Our Vision

We envision a music industry where technological innovation disrupts traditional barriers, eliminates biases and creates equal opportunity for music makers. We see a creator-owned music industry, where music speaks for itself.

Our Values


We believe that success is being true to who you are and carving out a path unique to yourself that upholds your unique values and identity.


Airbit stands up for the underdog. We seek out and address inequalities head on in order to level the playing field for everyone.


We pioneer new technologies and solutions in the music industry. We’re driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that fuels exploration and innovation in everything we do.

The Team

Behind every great product is a great team
Founder and CEO of Airbit, the world’s 1st online beat-licensing tool. Driven by the mission to make music more fair, Wasim built the Airbit platform to help independent musicians make music their career. Wasim graduated top-of-class from SAE in London, currently lives in L.A., and is an avid traveler with adventures on 6 of the 7 continents.
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Wasim Khamlichi
Founder, CEO
Former Fender and Mashable executive who’s laser focused on growing revenue. When not slanging beats, Judah is hanging with his wife and kids, surfing or playing soccer.
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Judah Wiedre
Chief Operating Officer
A nerd who likes nerdy things. And gardening.
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Ellis Houslin
Community Support Manager
Former marketer and current community support pro with passion for learning new skills. Loves new adventures and learning.
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Sara Laamarti B.
Community Support
Ambitious and passionate developer with a broad knowledge of online marketing and design. Believes that web applications make a positive impact in people’s life, and that hiking does the soul good.
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Said Ourhou
Junior Product Designer
Technical team lead at Airbit, technology geek, cosmology guru, and a human being.
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Houssain Amrani
Technical Lead
With a love of all things DevOps, Brent enjoys automating Airbit's infrastructure setup, and has been involved in the software industry extensively since 1999. When not working Brent enjoys biking, snowboarding, skiing, and even simply being outdoors and spending time with his wife and family.
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Brent Borovan
DevOps Engineer
Front-end developer, with most of the time spent on crafting details and digging for new patterns. A big pastry enthusiast, still in search of the perfect french macaron.
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Mohammed Assassi
Javascript Developer, loves building apps with Vue.js, especially when they’re designed beautifully. Idealist, believes that code can be an art and there is always room for improvement. Enjoys participating in social oriented hackatons.
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Sergiu Ravliuc
Software engineer and a coffee lover who's pationate about computer vision, machine learning, and data visualisation. Loves experiencing new things and morning coffee.
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Abdelhamid EL HASSANI
Backend developer who enjoys experimenting with new technologies and taking on new challenges. When not behind a computer, loves to hang with friends and go on road trips.
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Abdellah Chadidi
PHP developer who should have been born a cat. Laravel fan, open-source enthusiast. Teacher and popularizer of Computer Science. When not behind a computer, tries to spend the time traveling with his family.
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Ivan Slesarenko
3x Grammy Award-winning producer, author, and mentor, S1 has established himself as one of the top music producers in the industry. From working with iconic legends such as Madonna and Gladys Knight, to crafting songs for other great artists such as Drake, Lorde, Kanye, Beyonce, Meek Mill, Eminem, Jay Z, amongst many others, he has dedicated himself to the art of music and inspiring and impacting culture.
Larry Darnell Griffin Jr.
For the last nineteen years, Adam Taylor has served as the President/CEO of APM Music, the world's leading production music company, which since its founding in 1983 has been providing top quality score, themes, background music and songs for hundreds of thousands of TV shows, movies, and more. APM's music has helped create the soundtrack of popular culture.
Adam Taylor
In a 25-year career in music, Dan has worked on all “sides” of the business: as an artist and performer, Dan has toured internationally for two decades, playing over 2500 shows inclusive of every major musical festival (Coachella, Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, Ultra); as a songwriter and producer, he has worked with dozens of artists including Dragonette, Feist, and Cyndi Lauper; as a promoter and manager, Dan has co-produced events from raves to operas, as well as managed the touring and business affairs of all his bands.
Dan Kurtz
Kwesi is an experienced music producer and entrepreneur. He had an early start to his music career in Silicon Valley, selling his first beat at 13 years young, which highly influenced his perspective on the future of disruptive music technologies. He's a strategic consultant for several companies and a resident host for various live programs across the country.
Kwesi Albert Lutz-Paap
Key Investors
V. Gastevich Investments is a Chicago-based Family Office with decades of diversified investing and portfolio management experience, including core concentrations in real estate, private equity, and angel investments. VGI invests and partners with operating teams who share in their core vision and investment philosophy: prudent capital allocation, elevated due diligence, and ethical stewardship.
V. Gastevich Investments
Grammy-nominated musician & entrepreneur, Tone Jonez discovered his deep passion for music at the age of 3. Moving to Atlanta in 2008, Jonez experienced years of ups and downs but found his footing after joining Airbit and he’s turned his passion into a wildly successful business with customers around the globe, film/tv placements, brand partners, and a Grammy nomination. Through his partnership with Airbit, Jonez’s goal is to empower other producers to have the opportunity to follow in his footsteps and build independent production empires.
Terrence Jones
ERS Investments LLC is a family investment company with a presence in Chicago and Los Angeles.
ERS Investments LLC