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JS Sounds (born October 9, 1990 as Jordan Lamar Sanders) isn't just a go-to instrumental music producer in Daytona Beach, he completes the package as modern pop/hip-hop recording engineer.
Jordan began his journey into music at age 11 playing trumpet and drums; gaining a significant amount of his musical ability from middle and high school band and various other marching percussion groups thereafter. During his years as a snare drummer in Ancient City Ensemble, JS gradually developed a creative interest in the melodic side of things. Already having a broad knowledge of rhythm made it fairly easy for him to start writing and producing full songs. After studying sound engineering and recording in college, JS Sounds, along with his partner Ricky (RJM Entertainment) were ready to make their music public under the name of "JR Productions" releasing several single instrumentals and producing tracks for Kaliym X, Prophecy HD, Mateo Astronauto, and Serenade (Nade).
After reinventing himself as JS Sounds; Jordan has been in the studio working non-stop for his fans and followers, but with a new mission of compassion. "To propel artists and inspire ALL."