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About me

Artistically I am known as King Lyrix. I am from Atlanta. I am a Musician by craft. I am a producer, songwriter, and engineer. I have had many performances in and around the city of Atlanta featuring songs I produced, wrote, and engineered. I display everything from my life and emotion into my music. I love to create. Music has been my outlet I used to guide me into a universe of my own creation where I abide by my own laws and guidelines. I strive to amass proper growth and development of my music as well as incorporate the necessary professionalism I need to become and remain successful in the industry and build a prominent musically based career. Here is the producing side of me. I create beats that can inspire any emotion. Happy, sad, lit, dark, etc... You will find what you are looking for. Just LOOK!! Follow me on social media @Kinglyrix See everything I have to offer at my website www.kinglyrix.com