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My name is Michal Dobrovolny, but you may know me more under the artistic name MaiconBeat,MaiconBeat Production. I am a composer and producer, sound engineer, programmer, beatmaker, but mostly I would say a lover of rap, hip hop and culture in general. I was born in September 1990 in the Czech Republic and have been involved in music for several years.I have been doing sound engineering since about 2015. 
10 years ago after a head injury I got an insidious disease called epilepsy and since then.I have been fighting not only epilepsy but more than the disease more with discrimination and misunderstanding of people around me.

It changed my life and my view of the world.Never give up!!! 
In 2022 I founded MaiconBeat Production s.r.o , I try to dedicate myself to music,and production as such.Currently I do sound,and compose beats for clients and do my own production.There are not many clients yet but I believe in myself and I will break this story once and for all. I have gained valuable experience over the last few years and I am still expanding my knowledge and skills in music. It will be my pleasure to offer my services to you as well. If you are a fair player welcome!!!!!!!

Music producer,DJ, Sound engineer,Mixing Service

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Czech Republic

Hip Hop, R&B,Trap, LO-FI,West Coast, G-Funk Neo-Soul, Rock, Soul

My inspiration is Jdilla,Griselda,BSF,Madlib,PeteRock,9thWonder,Dr Dre,Dj Premier,MfDoom,Alchemist,Rza,Just Blaze

Love is Love.Hate is Hate