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About me

ACE 1 is a Latin grammy award winning producer who has been engineering and producing artists for two decades. In his career he has produced many radio singles and popular dance remixes played across the U.S. Originally from Austin Texas, ACE 1 decided to move to San Antonio Texas when an opportunity came up with Cibola to produce major label dance remixes. In 1997 he began his professional career as a music producer with compensated dance remixes for acts K7, Christina Aguilera/Ricky Martin, Bryan Mcnight, Elvis Crespo, Rupaul, Wu Tang and more. Shortly after ACE 1 began producing original records with a variety of artists in the studio. He starting producing in many genre’s like Hip/Hop, Pop, Rock, R&B, and Latin. Growing up as a keyboard musician, you could often find ACE 1 playing his favorite instrument on his down time; so when fellow artist Frankie J asked him to be his keyboard player on tour from 2003-2006, ACE was more than happy to oblidge. He will tell you that he found inspiration for his production touring the Country in that time. While on and off the road, ACE 1 won a Latin Grammy for his production work on Intocable’s “X” (Dies) album in 2005. Shortly after that in 2007 a song that he had produced called “Hypnotized” by recording artist Big Gemini peaked on Billboard at number 18. ACE’s most recent release is Warner recording artist Fresco Trey called “Alone” off his debut album “Heartbreak Diaries.” ACE 1 feels that being mentored by radio/DJ guys in his early production years has definitely influenced his sound. His productions are mainstream with texture and catchy top-lines. He says influences like Russel Simmons, 40, Timbaland, and Clive Davis all inspire him. ACE 1 showed interest and love for music at a young age. His parents pushed him to learn to play piano at the age of three years old. ACE continued taking piano lessons until he felt he wanted to start creating his own music. He began producing music and became active in the local Austin music scene playing in various bands. He became noticed as a young keyboard player seen on community TV often and his musician friends named him “Keyboard ACE.” Going into high school, ACE had aspirations of becoming an artist so he started his own group called Latin Swing. The group gained popularity locally and they started performing in and around the Austin area. Other groups Latin Swing were performing with took notice of the music and they began asking ACE if he could produce music for them as well. He started making beats for other artists and began to get noticed as a producer. The name “Keyboard ACE” stuck with him until he started producing for independent record label Latium Records in Houston Texas. CEO Charles Chaves suggested to ACE that he needed a cool producer name. Charles suggested “ACE 1,” and it became his official producer name published on their first major release and every release after. Currently ACE 1 is producing projects both in San Antonio and on the road at various studios.