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About me

My name is Peter aka. Chorderline born and raised in Europe, Hungary.
After learning to play the piano I started making electronic music with a simple personal comuter and some synthesisers in 1998. Before that, as a kid in the late 80's I discovered Hip Hop at my early age, influenced by Naughty By Nature, Public Enemy, Eric B & Rakim, De La Soul etc. In the early 90s I started to listen European dance acts with Hip Hop roots like Dr. Alban, Snap, Technotronic, after 2000 my style changed to mainly electronic dance music, started djing and had some serious projects as a producer with more than 100 releases at different labels. As You can see, I'm coming from different musical backgroud compared to other hip hop beatmakers, maybe that's why my tracks sound unique. I love melodic stuff, making music is my passion.