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Galway Technical Institute was where I started my career in professional music production. There, I studied music production and live sound engineering. This was where I first tried Logic Pro X, which I use to create 95% of my hip-hop beats.

I then continued my music production education at The Academy of Sound Dublin, where I received a Higher Diploma in Sound Engineering and Music Production. In 2010, I created The Corporatethief Beats website to share my beats and music marketing tips. We make trap beats as well as hip hop beats from the west coast, pop beats, and other new school types. Check out our beat store

Rap Beats Produced By The Corporatethief Beats

Daniel Hartnett produces the music under the alias Corporatethief beats. Daniel Hartnett, an Irish producer of hip-hop music is from Ireland. Daniel Hartnett has been sharing his knowledge in marketing music with his readers for the last few years. This helped him take his musical production skills up a new level. The main goal of thecorporatethiefbeats.com blog is to be a resource site for Rap Artists and Beat Makers that are beginning with their music marketing journey online.

Music Production

Daniel is a hip hop producer and music marketing consultant who continues to churn out beats of all varieties. His website, TheCorporatethiefBeats provides opportunities for people wanting their own rap mixtape or album with custom instrumentals as well as those looking into purchasing beat bundles that include many different genres like trap pop - you name it! With over 15 years experience under his belt; this artist uses Logic Pro along side other software such instruments/samples in order create these shiny sounding tracks everyone wants on soundCloud now days (or any day really).