A New Way To Get More Exposure And Sales

We have now introduced the ability to upload tagged versions of your beats to sit alongside your current untagged beats. In case you don’t know, a tagged beat is one which you have exported/bounced with your voicetag embedded on the file itself. You couldn’t upload these files before because the MP3’s uploaded were the same files that get delivered to your customers after purchase. Now you can upload a tagged version of each beat and it will play on your HTML5 player and in the Marketplace in place of your untagged beat, and your customer will still be delivered the untagged beat after purchase.

Why did we do this? Well let me tell you…

Promotional Giveaways

We have introduced a brilliant new Marketplace feature allowing you to give away your tagged beats for free in exchange for promotion. What this means is you can upload your tagged beats and if an artist in the Marketplace wants to download it free, they Like you on Facebook. This means they’ll be promoting your Marketplace beats to all their friends on Facebook, and at the same time they’ll be getting a beat with your promotional tag on it which they can try before they buy. An amazing way to increase exposure.

We really think this will boost your exposure and increase sales. We have tested this technique out on a smaller scale and it really works.

Read this FAQ to learn how to upload tagged beats


Read this FAQ to learn how to opt-in to promotional giveaways


Please do note that it’s not required to upload tagged beats, your current beats will still continue to play with your custom voicetag as before. Please also note that this feature is for Gold and Platinum members only.

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