3 Simple YouTube SEO Tips

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YouTube is the #2 search engine on the Internet today.

The great thing about what you do is that it is media related and can be attached to video with ease.

One thing to remember is that MILLIONS of people are searching YouTube everyday just as they would search Google.

Eventually, we’ll start to search YouTube for things we would most definitely only use Google for.

In your case, as of today, many artists are searching YouTube for beats and beats for sale.

So here are 3 simple tips to ensure that your Beat Videos are effectively optimized.

Name of your beat video exactly what it is about or offering. If you’re selling old-school underground sounding beats then put that into your Beat Video Title. If you’re selling a club beat for $300 (three-hundred) then be sure to put that into the title. If you’re giving away 2 free beats with your $25 beat as showcased in your beat video then put that in the title.

Be sure to write at least 1 full paragraph or 4-7 lines describing your Beat Video. A sub-tip is to have a script that you’d add to all of your Beat video descriptions after the actual specific beat video description for the respective video.

One way to generate an effective and optimized list of tags for your beat video is to extract words that you’ve used in your beat video description. Also, use tag words that represent the things and subjects contained within your beat video.

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