4 Marketing Techniques That Will Help You Sell More Beats

We all want to sell more beats, as it’s one of the main goals that we as music producers have, besides just making great music. But to sell beats isn’t as simple as you may think.
You’re already in the right spot here at myFlashStore, but just posting your beats in the marketplace isn’t enough.
You have to work hard at selling beats. Here’s four techniques that will help you.

1. Act Like You’re Big Time
Now what I mean by this is that you should pretend like you and your music are really important. You have to face the facts first – you’re not big time – yet! But that doesn’t mean you should walk around thinking you’re small time, of course not. Thinking like you’re a big name in the music production world is important because it’s all about one thing: perception.
There are many artists, producers, and especially business owners that fake it until they make it. You have to realize that just because you see a fancy store open up, it doesn’t mean that they’re doing well for themselves. As a matter of fact, they probably have a mountain of debt!
So with your music, you want to do the same as that store owner – fake it. Pretend like you have been to big recording studios, and tell people that you’re in negotiations with some big labels, they sky’s the limit.
The problem with this technique is that you don’t want to straight out lie to anyone. You want to just bend the truth a bit and make yourself seem important. By doing this, it will give people the impression that you’re putting in a lot of work with your music (as you should be), and that you’re one step away from being nominated for a Grammy (okay, maybe not that big).
2. Create A Flyer/Poster To Promote A New Beat
You see it all the time – flyers and posters on the street or online where it shows the artist posing and mentions that their new album or mixtape will be out on a certain date.
Why not do the same for a beat you’re about to release?
This relates back to point #1, in that you need to make it seem like your beats are important. So if you have a beat that you just finished and you want to promote it enough so you can sell it, then why not make it seem like that particular beat is sought after by every rapper on the planet?
You could create something in Photoshop and make it seem like it’s a mixtape, when in fact it’s just a beat. Not even a single – just a beat.
3. Create A Video To Promote Your Beat
Like making a flyer/poster, a video is way better because it’s a moving visual and it will catch peoples’ attention immediately.
Take a look at this video for a car advertisement:
Now, obviously that car is a piece of crap. And the best part is, the owner and everyone on the planet knows it, that’s what makes the video so amazing.
I’m not saying that your music sucks and you need to promote it to much more than it is, not at all, but by making a video that makes you seem very professional – that will help with your beat sales.
Look at it like this: you have a beat that you just completed and you want to promote it enough so you can sell it, correct? If you make a video that is creative and funny, what do you think will happen? Everyone will want to see it, and for those that do see it, they will share it.
And it will be shared like crazy.
4. Promote So It Goes Viral
“Viral” is the big buzzword that is being used every day, and it means that something is so incredibly popular, that it’s blazing across the internet like a comet.
This is what you’re trying to accomplish with your promotions.
There are plenty of ways to do this, such as with social media, but no matter what you do, your promotion needs to go viral.
If you can get people to watch a crazy, cool, or funny video while your beat is playing in the background, then there is no doubt that you will sell that beat quickly.
So when you get ready to think of your promotional strategy, remember that the ultimate goal is to go viral. Once it does, the rest will fall into place.

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