Are You Happy Working At A Bakery?

I didn’t know that making beats was the same thing as working in a bakery because I have recently seen many posts on various websites where beat makers are trying so hard to sell their beats. This is a good thing, but the way that they’re doing it is completely wrong. I’ve mentioned it in previous articles of mine, plus the fact that it’s common sense – it shows me that either nobody is taking my advice, or they don’t have any common sense.

Get It While It’s Hot

Just today I read someone’s post that went something like this:

“HOT beats 4 sale! Buy 2, get 3 free!!! $10/each (regular $30) for a limited time only!!!!

What the hell is that? It sounds like he’s selling cinnamon buns and is trying to sell off as much as he can, like he’s trying to meet his beat selling quota for the month. Since when did selling beats become so routine and all about discounts? I understand that to some, they may think that by offering deals that they’re doing a good thing, but they’re not. Deals are great, but not like the above mentioned because it just smells of desperation, plus it makes you look completely amateurish.

Offer Real Deals

Selling beats is tough, well all know this. It can be much easier if you offer deals to potential buyers, but you have to think outside the box. If you were to go into your local Walmart store, you will see deals posted all over the place, but it’s the way that they do it. They don’t really care if you take advantage of their 2 for 1 deal on winter socks, of course not. What they’re trying to do is to get YOU in the door.

When you see deals in the store flyer, or even if you just wander into the store, you’re being enticed right from the get go with deals, discounts, and offers galore. The real goal of Walmart is to make sure that you go into their store and shop. It doesn’t matter what you buy, as long as you’re physically in their store. Why? Once you’re in the store, that is when the deals start to become very enticing. You may have gone in there looking to only buy winter socks, but you end up coming out with a microwave too.

It’s The Same With Selling Beats

This is why I’ve strongly recommended that you get yourself your own website. I’ve seen people say that they don’t need a website to sell beats, and they’re right – for selling beats directly. But your own website is a necessary tool that you should have because it’s a way for you to get customers in the door of your store!

If you have a website and it looks really good, people will stay on it. Have you ever been to a terrible looking website that was hard to navigate? I bet you left right away. Think about that when you look at your own site – it should be great looking and very welcoming, plus it should tell the visitor what you’re all about. Once they’re comfortable enough, they will start to navigate around and take notice of everything you have on there, such as:
Your biography
Your beats
Your videos (optional)
Contact information
Links to all your other websites
It’s the last part that’s the most important. You want people to be able to find you wherever they can because let’s face it – everyone is comfortable on their favorite sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you have accounts set up as those sites then they can follow you there, which of course, will help you build your brand even more.

But when it comes to your website, you shouldn’t be using it to sell your beats directly. A website like myFlashStore is where you should sell your beats since they have a store that’s already set up for you. So what’s the point of your own website then? To show people everything about you. They should be able to listen to your beats, read your biography, look at some of your pictures and videos, contact you if they want to, but also be able to reach out to you on other website platforms.

That’s Great, But What About Selling Beats?

In a sense, it should be like this:

Your website > beats, bio, information, links > store to buy beats > make money.

Take that formula and replace each part with your own. So for example, if your name is Hot Sauce Productionz (LOL): > beats, bio, information, links (link to your myFlashStore page is the most important) >

Getting back to my original point, selling beats shouldn’t be the same as selling cinnamon buns or any other kind of food. Your beats are not “HOT OFF THE PRODUCTION LINE”, like as if you bake them in an oven, take the tray of beats out with oven mits and get them ready for sale in your window, with buyers lined up around the corner, waiting to get a taste of your sweet, sweet beats. It doesn’t work like that.

*Note: I don’t know if Hot Sauce Productionz is real or not, so if you want to use that name, feel free. But it’s comical.

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