Beat Contracts With Customer E-Signatures

Most of you will know that contracts are sent automatically when you sell beats online with Airbit. We’ve now improved this system to provide more protection and more consistency with your contracts.

So What’s New?

If a customer wants to buy beats from your store they must first agree to your terms before they can complete the purchase – this has been a heavily requested feature by producers. Another great feature is that an automated signature will now be generated for them in the contract, signalling their agreement to your terms. This is known as an e-signature. This further legalises the agreement between you and the artist, and also provides more protection against chargebacks and disputes, giving you more ammo to fight your case should the unfortunate happen.

As a producer you’re now required to provide your legal name, and you can also add your business name to further legalise the contract. An e-signature will also be generated for you in each contract once you’ve provide your name in Settings > Selling Preferences.

We’ve added a new audit log that records when the contract is signed, as well as the IP address used to sign it. This information has proved useful with download tracking so we’ve now added it to the contracts themselves to provide even more proof of a customer’s consent to the purchase and your terms. Our aim is to protect producers from chargebacks and disputes as much as possible.

More Consistency

If you change or remove the contract, the original will still be available for download for each purchase. So if a customer buys beats from you but doesn’t download the contract until 6 months later, they’ll still get the correct contract with the correct terms, even if you’ve deleted it. Amazing right!?

And if that’s not enough, you don’t even have to create a contract from scratch. We provide contract templates for each of your licenses, and these are automatically filled with your terms once you specify them for your license. These templates can be sent as they are, you can edit the wording, or you can create a custom contract from scratch. This means every single order will have a contract, even if you forget to add one!

Contracts are available to all members, whether you’re a paid subscriber or a free member (because we’re nice like that)

How Does It Work?


All your contract editing is now done in Dashboard > Licenses & Contracts.

Set your terms first, and once you save the changes your template contract will update to include these terms. You can view this template by clicking the  button then Template Contract tab. Saving the template contract will also set this as your custom contract – so be warned – if you already have a custom contract, saving the template will overwrite this.

If you previously saved your contract, then decide to change your terms, remember to re-save the template contract to overwrite the previous one, otherwise your new terms will not be sent to the customer.

You can of course create a custom contract from scratch, or paste in your own contract. Simply click the  button, then the Custom Contract tab to do this.

And that’s all there is to it!

Click here to customise your contracts!

** E-Signatures were only added to contracts from the 5th September. Any contracts sent before this will have been sent using the old system, and will not contain e-signatures **


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