Feedback Through Analytics (The Numbers)

is human nature to want to get feedback especially in any creative field.

However, when you get little to no feedback, that can potentially affect your creative endeavour as no one is telling you if they like it or not.

One way to take the initiative in getting feedback (from a business perspective, as your sell beats), is to observe your traffic, clickthru rates as sales figures. This is equally if not more valuable feedback as you can readily improve such things as the layout of your beat website, your campaign strategies as well as linking tactics.

A great tool to get started with tracking the progress of your beat website is Google Analytics.

It tells you the amount of Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly traffic numbers, incoming/outgoing links, and more.

You can also setup “goals” in which you set a path that your Beat Buyers would go through to get them a series of steps to an eventual beat sale or mailing list signup.

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