How to Buy Beats on the Airbit Marketplace

Artists here’s a quick guide on how to purchase beats from the Airbit Marketplace

The Airbit search engine is the most powerful part of the Marketplace. You can search for potential beats by genre, producer name, artist type, mood, or any keyword of your choice. In addition, if you wanna browse all beats, see the top charts, see the latest beats uploaded, then just highlight Beats in the top menu and all the relevant menu items are there.

To listen to a beat simply click the row to listen. If you wanna purchase just click the purple price box to see the available license options. Select the plus (+) button to add to cart. When you’re ready to check out, click the cart icon. After payment, beats are available to download instantly, along with your contracts

To access all your previous purchases and view stats about your account, click My Purchases in the upper right hand corner next to your avatar. If you have any additional questions just email or go to Help > Contact Us from the Buyer’s Dashboard

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When you buy a beat on airbit do you own the rights to that beat? And is there proof of those right provided upon purchase? Thank You

There are two types of license – Non-Exclusive & Exclusive. If you purchase the Exclusive license, in most cases you will own the beat. It’s best to check with the producer before purchase, as each producer has different terms.

Each purchase through an Airbit store comes with a contract stating your terms and rights

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