Image Is Everything If You Want To Sell More Beats

For artists, having the right image is extremely important if you want to further your career in the music industry. On one hand, an artist such as a rapper has to worry constantly about their image because it could make or break them.
What about beatmakers? Do they need an image?
Of course they do! You could hide behind your computer and just bang out beats daily, but if you have the right image, it could easily help you sell more beats.

In Today’s World, Image Is Everything
In 1979, a band called The Buggles released a song called “Video Killed The Radio Star”. If you were to just take a look at that title alone, it’s something that reigns true today. Big time. Before then, it was the radio where music fans would hear their favorite songs from their favorite artists. And the best part was that most of the time you didn’t even know what the artist actually looked like!
This is because the music spoke for itself and the closest you could get to seeing the artist was if you were to buy their album, or possibly see them at a live concert. However, you did not see them plastered all over weekly tabloids or on this weird thing called “the internet”. None of that existed.
So once that video came out, it was the likes of MTV that started the enormous music video movement, to give us what we have today which is massive productions that cost millions of dollars. The reason for all of that money being spent on music videos? Image. Which of course, leads to promotion and publicity.
An artist is always trying to portray a certain image because that’s why their fans love them and their music. Someone like Iggy Azalea does not walk around all day with a pound of makeup on, nor does she rap everything she says. She’s a regular person putting on an act.
This is why having an image is super important, just ask this guy: Ronald Jenkees.
Apparently he’s just a regular guy that is putting on act and trying to seem like he’s autistic or something, who knows. Nonetheless he’s killing it with his music skills. But ask yourself this: would his videos be so popular if he didn’t put on an act? Most likely not.
As A Beatmaker, You Need An Image As Well
Beatmakers also need some sort of an image to portray to their fans, as well as potential fans, but it may not be like you think. An artist is putting their face out there for all to see, as a beatmaker, you’re just trying to sell beats and maybe work with an artist. Most of the time you will be chilling in the background and no one will even know you’re there.
But if you want to sell more beats, you can draw in more fans with your image.
Your image could be a few things:
  • Your style of music.
  • Your official logo.
  • The picture cover of your instrumental album or demo.
I noticed something last week when I received a music submission from a beatmaker, and that is they had an awesome logo and album cover. For someone making beats out of their bedroom, their pictures looked very professional, but the best part is the pictures somehow looked like they belonged with that style of music.
This is a great thing because this beatmaker seems to have the whole package, from their style of music to their official logo, and their album cover. By combining all three of those things, they are sure to make an impact in the music industry.
Where That Leaves You
You may think that having a logo is not important, but it really is. Some of you use your face as your picture in the myFlashStore marketplace, and that’s fine because that’s you, that’s your image. If you go that route though, make sure the image looks good. It needs to be something that also stands out and makes you look unique.
If you want to get yourself a logo, you could try to make one yourself or hire someone that can do it for you. With all of the money you spend on gear and software, I think you can spend a bit to hire someone to make a logo for you.
Either way, it will separate you from the rest because you will be unique, and that’s what sells.
How many times have you bought an album, single, DVD, etc because the cover looked awesome? I have plenty of times and that’s because of the way the product looked. This is why many big artists spend so much on photography and having a certain look, otherwise their fans wouldn’t be as attracted to them or their image.
My advice to you is to think about how you want to look. Do you want to use your face? A logo? A picture of a cat? No matter what it is, make it professional and stick to that “look”. After a while, people will remember you and your music every time they see a cat. Good luck!

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