Latest 2016 myFlashStore Updates

Wow well…it’s here, the newest release from myFlashStore. We’ve packed this release with so many huge new features that even we couldn’t keep track of them! We’ve listened to your feedback and brought a lot of the functionality that you’ve all been asking for (and even some you didn’t). So without further ado, here we go!


Platinum Only

A collection is…well….a collection of music. You can create collections to sell or collections to display as playlists on your music stores. Bring together related beats for a package deal, sell albums directly to fans, even combine beats and songs in one big pack to delight customers. How you use Collections is up to you, the possibilities are endless.

The different types of collections are:

Beat Tape – A collection of beats you want to sell as a package

Album – A collection of songs you want to sell as a package

Mixtape – A mixture of beats and songs, available for sale on your store

Playlist – A playlist of beats, or a playlist of songs. They’re not for sale but they can be displayed as your store’s main playlist

For more information visit the What is a Collection and How do I create a collection FAQ’s.


Platinum Only 

That’s right, not only have we revolutionised the way producers sell their beats online, we’re about to revolutionise the way all musicians sell all kinds of music online! You can now upload songs to to myFlashStore.

This feature is perfect for producers who double as recording artists and want to sell their music alongside their beats, or for producers who want to showcase or even sell songs made by their clients.

There’s flexibility in the way you can use Songs, you can put them for sale, display them just for listening or even give them away as a free download. However you want to use the Songs feature, there’s a way for you.

Get started by visiting the Dashboard -> Songs section.

HTML5 Store Custom Colors and Configurations

This is one of our favourites.  Tired of having to keep re-generating your music store embed code each time you change a theme or setting on the store? Well configurations fix that. Create a configuration, embed the store on your website and you’ll never have to re-embed the code again. You can change the theme and all other HTML5 store settings directly in your Dashboard and it will automatically update on your website.

This works perfectly with our new Collections playlist feature as you’re going to have music stores with different settings and playlists all over the place, so now you can manage them in one place.

You can also customise your HTML5 music store even more with custom colors for our Flat UI theme. Now you can match the exact color scheme of your website for the ultimate fit.

You also update your player status now from configurations now instead of updating your profile status.

For more information read the What is a music store configuration? FAQ.

Google Analytics

Gold and Platinum only

Yeah yeah we heard you! You can now integrate the power of Google Analytics with your HTML5 music stores. You’ll be able to track events your customers make on your HTML5 store like music plays, button clicks, adding items to cart and applying coupons. Not only that, you’ll be able to track e-commerce transactions so you can trace where every sale originated from and test the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns.

For more information read the How do I use Google Analytics tracking with myFlashStore? FAQ.


Free Downloads

Gold & Platinum only

Ever wanted to give away free beats directly on your music store? Now you can! You can give away tagged or untagged MP3’s on your store, all in exchange for a name and email address. The download link gets delivered to their email so you know you’ll be getting real email addresses.

In addition to that you can also create download agreements to govern your free beat downloads. It’s like contracts…but for free downloads, and your customers will have to agree to the terms of use before downloading the beat.

For more information read the How do I give away a beat as a free download? FAQ.



Gold & Platinum only

Not so much a new feature but an existing feature on steroids! We’re massively improved the old Beat Images feature and unified all the management of images into one Artwork section. You can add artwork to your beats, songs and collections and it they will be displayed on your HTML5 music store.

Visit the Dashboard -> Artwork section to get started and read the How do I upload artwork? FAQ for more information.

Download Tracking

We’re feeling your pain when it comes to illegitimate payment chargebacks. We know it costs you time and money to deal with these chargebacks so we’re doing everything we can to help you through those times.

That’s where Download Tracking comes in. You’ll be able to track every download for an order, so you know exactly when each item in an order is downloaded and you’ll see the IP Address of the downloader.

This tracking can help you in chargeback cases by providing evidence that the music has been downloaded, and with an IP address it can help your payment merchant investigate further into the case, increasing your protection as a digital seller.

To see the tracking just go into an individual order in your Dashboard -> Sales section.


Updated Flash Store Designs

As well as the new features for the HTML Store we have also updated the Flash Store designs giving them a fresh and up-to-date feel. Gorgeous aren’t they?

Unlimited discount levels per license

Gone are the limits of 3 discount levels per license, you can now set as few or as many discount levels as you wish for each of your licenses.

WAV to MP3 conversion

Gold and Platinum only

Save yourself loads of time by uploading WAV files to create new beats. WAV files are converted automatically to high quality 192Kbps MP3’s for streaming and delivering to customers. You’ll no longer have to upload MP3’s first, then add your WAV files later. Easy!

Easy Subscription Package Changes

We’ve added a new subscription method so you can now subscribe using just a credit or debit card.  With the new system it’s now even easier to make changes to your subscription package – one simple step and you’re done – you will be billed pro-rata automatically.  You can change to the new subscription system on the Dashboard -> Settings -> My Subscription section.

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